Tuesday, January 29, 2008

On Some Ol Nex Shiznit...

So, shit has been crazy gearing up to launch my new project. And now, people, behold…

It’s going to be a weekly beat battle. Sample sources will be provided by the likes of
Mr Mass from Mass Corporation, Dr OK from And It Don't Stop, DJ Nes from Dirty Waters, or Scholar from Souled On. Then we have a bunch of talented cats, including yours truly, take the song and sample it and flip it any way they want over the next week. The beats are then posted and a Panel (including Travis from WYDU, Eric from WTR, Max from Hip Hop Isn't Dead, Mike Dikk from Dumpin.Net, Andrew from Strictly Beats and King E from the Justus League boards) will discuss what they liked and/or didn't like and Rank them. There is also a public vote which will be ranked and scored as well. The cat or kitten with the most points wins and can brag to all of there interweb friends about how they won and there friends will be like “OMFG. U’r fresh.” And the winner will be like, “ROTFLMAO” and their friends will be like “PIR. TTL” or something along those lines. Stop by if you feel like it or if you want to contribute.

Next up we have the video for Gnotes new single “Missing You”

I can’t say I’m the biggest fan of the video but conceptually I like what they did. I also like what Gnotes does a lot. (Also coming out soon on Gnawledge Records is Afro DZ ak's solo joint. I'm not familiar with his work but if it's from Gnawledge, it's got to be interesting.) It’s just the dude in the video doesn’t fit in my opinion. Not that I need some dude with a pimp cup smaking Buffy The Body’s freakishly rotund glutes, but the dude just seems out of place. But, there’s nothing wrong with taking risks unless you are jumping out of planes naked.So nothing to post. Again? Yes, again. I haven’t been able to post all the producers I wanted but I’ve been producing myself so there. I will post the 9th Wonder and Pete Rock “Class Is In Session” and some other stuff before the month of beats comes to an end. I’ve also decided to make February the month of breaks since I’ve been spending so much time thinking about it lately. Expect the Ultimate Breaks & Beats, The Dusty Fingers collection, The Super Breaks & Beats, and some others. Nothing too obscure because that’s mine, but there is a lot of stuff still flippable in what I’ll put up. Plus there is always a new batch of 9th Wonder wannabes who have yet to hear some of it.


alley al said...

hey suzie powty aka dj makesalotofbeatsnot!! what's good.
cool idea. too bad king e and those guys were doing it a while back. lol
nah, that was one of my favorite blogs, but maybe that's cuz a handful of the guys were really good.
i'm looking forward to the skills that don't pay the bills.

What It Is said...

Hey al!
Yeah King is helping me out a lot with it.
you were actually the one who hipped me to it wehen I was going through your archives but it was already shut down by then.

alley al said...

i really hope you far with it.
you took it a notch up with some help of "regulars" who probably won't fall off anytime soon.
i ASSUME king elam's shit fell off cuz the producers got too busy to participate regularly or/AND the lack of comments or critiques from the likes of visitors like me.
i hope you don't go thru that. the fact that you recruited the other bloggers is a definite plus. good luck.

if you ever noticed, i wasn't really a review kind of guy- but that stuff i looked forward to listening and critiquing/babbling about.

Dart Adams said...

AfroDZak is my boy from off of the BostonRap.com boards.


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