Friday, January 18, 2008

January Is For Beats: Daniel Nakamura

Under the slick monniker "Nathaniel Merriweather" I bring you Mr. Wannabuyamonkey himself. Now, I’m a big fan of hip-hop that’s been slowed down and beats that are as well. The natural reverb comes out. The sound is thicker and murkier and fanfuckingtastic. Mr. Nakamura is a big fan of this stylee too as he has incorporated it into a lot of his work. Some people call it Trip-Hop but there are also some people that thought braided rat tails or having a Gumby was a good choice in hair style. Another thing he does well is incorporate some spaced out “Forbidden Planet” type sample shit that is campy without being over bearing or stupid. Again, this is the kind of shit I like because it just sounds good. A friend of mine is was a big fan of laughing going through a delay and no matter how enjoyable or infectious the laughter is originally, after it echoes over itself again and again it sounds maniacal and menacing. That has nothing to do with Dan but I'm just saying. He's very cinematic. Very big sounding. Along with the Dr Octagon project, which kind of blew him up, he has done a lot of remix work and has worked with a bunch of others on side projects. Most notably would be the Handsome Boy Modeling School and Loveage side projects (both of which I love and would marry if I could manifest them into a physical form or even just a pair of boobs.) What always makes someone stand out for me is they take risks musically and don’t basically rely on Ultimate Breaks and Beats volumes 1-25 for source material. A sense of humor doesn’t hurt either. The Bombay the Hard Way project was a perfect example of this. Maybe I’ll put that up as well if anyone cares. But it’s bollywood over hip-hop before it was cool and Punjabi MC and such were mainstream. Timbaland did it too but this is more my thing.
Side note: I won’t have a Timbaland day this month as there are way to many artists and too few days as it is. I like him and think he’s had an impressive career. He’s more pop than I am or listen to but has successfully defined what pop is several times over. That’s not easy and isn’t luck after the first few times. So that’s my piece on him.
Back to the Japanese dude, I’m upping the Dr. Octagon Instrumentalyst as it was really his first success and was a really dope release. Poppa Large was impressive as well. THis is more standard Hip-Hop fare and I say that only because it's around 90 BPMs. It still has that Automator feel but he uses more familiar breaks or drum kits.

Dr. Octagon - The Instrumentalyst

01 - Intro
02 - 3000
03 - I Got To Tell You
04 - Earth People
05 - No Awareness
06 - Raw Deal
07 - General Hospital
08 - Blue Flowers
09 - Technical Difficulties (Produced By Kut Masta Kurt)
10 - A Visit To The Gynecologyst
11 - Bear Witness
12 - Dr. Octagon (Produced By Kut Masta Kurt)
13 - Girl Let Me Touch You
14 - I'm Destructive
15 - Wild And Crazy
16 - Elective Surgery
17 - Halfsharkalligatorhalfman
18 - Blue Flowers Revisited
19 - Waiting List (DJ Shadow / Automator Mix)
20 - 1977

Handsome Boy Modeling School Promo Video

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