Thursday, January 17, 2008

A Couple Of Things About This "Whatever Of The Month" Thing I'm Doing...

There is no order to what I'm talking about. These are all artists that I have enjoyed a great deal and while some of them are pretty obvious, cats like Ratatat, Joey Beats or Mr. Cooper don't get a lot of shine and I think some people might enjoy them. The fact that RZA is ahead of Pete Rock has nothing to do with me liking him better so if you are looking for a hierarchy, don't. There isn't any.
Second, there is no way on god's (the one true god) green earth I can put all of my favorites here. "30 days" or even "a month" sounds like a lot of time but then you start widdling away and during morning meeting 20 kids shout out that it's January 17th you're like "fuck" but not in front of the kids because then I'd get fired. But last night I wrote down the names of the producers or beat making bastards that I felt I had to post and the list was past 40... and I'm already halfway through the month. In a perfect world I'd post 2 or 3 artists a day and it would actually be interesting and informative. Welcome to my world bitches. I use commas too much. I think I'm funnier than anyone else seems to and I procrastinate a lot (exhibit A: I was going to write this last night but then I decided to sit a little bit longer.)
In closing,
If man is 5,
and the devil is 6,
Then god is 7.

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