Saturday, February 9, 2008

February Is For Breaks: Ultimately Broke and Beaten

So it's been a minute but I've been steadily working on this other site. The first week went prety well. This week I'm not feeling the sample as much or rather, I've fucked with it so much that I want to kill that Italian fucker and the majority of it's family. But this is not about my limited ability to play around with sounds while simultaneously downloading huge amounts of porn I'll never have the time to watch. This is about the month of February which here at treebeats is for breaks. The original UBB was realeased on Street Beat Records in 86 and over the next 5 years 24 more were released to the delight and cheering of many a dj and producer. Most of it was "obscure" (digging hadn't really become the culture it is now yet) funk but there was also gems from Billy Squire and The Steve Miller Band. You kind of have to remember that a lot of cats that listened to hip hop hadn't ever heard of Steve Miller or his hippy band back then. You kind of have to remember actually that none of this stuff was obvious back then and made for a huge volume of music to fuck with. A lot of the breaks were already looped in the record making for easy juggling for your favorite DJ hooked up to a lightpost for power bringing in Debbie D to celebrate Ramo's new home and baby. It's a great place to begin to learn how to make beats and begin to dig. It's really fun just listening to it and trying to name as many people as possible that had sampled the song. Well, "fun" if your nerdy things like that.
Anyway, Here is volumes 1-25 in their entirety (except for 8 which I don't have the real version of) I made cute little folder pics and numbered them all because I'm retarded that way.


4 & 5

6 & 7

8 & 9

10 & 11

12 & 13

14 & 15

16 & 17

18 & 19

20 & 21

22 & 23

24 & 25

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