Wednesday, May 30, 2007

I told you my name is Jeff

While the Jeff trilogy is widely available because of the reissue of 3 Feet High And Rising, I’m upping it because I want to and because it represents a part of Hip-Hop that I sorely miss. I think the first single I heard from De La was Potholes, or maybe it was Plug Tunin’ but the first record I bought was the Potholes single. I burnt a fucking hole in that record. De La were one of those prolific groups that filled singles with b-sides, remixes and alternate versions. It was always exciting to get a De La single because you knew you weren’t just buying a 45 or a 5-minute tape that had an instrumental b-side. If you got a De La single you got a deeper understanding what these crazy cats were talking about and where they were coming from. I’ll go on the record now saying De La is my favorite rap group of all time and will enjoy and suffer through whatever praise or implications that incurs. These guys are dope. They are poets. You need to listen to some songs several times to get everything out of them. Their beats, well, I won’t say they had the impact the Bomb Squad did but I think they took a lot of chances when James Brown was a sure bet. They sounded like no one else at that time. But I digress. So the “Jeff” trilogy (I thought it was Chi Ali but there is speculation that it was Trugoy’s cousin or nephew or something) was based on the b-sides I was talking about earlier. They are basically about what my man Dana Dane and his 5th element of hip-hop and how it was getting a bit over the top. (Shocker! Hip Hop plus fashion equaling ridiculousness?!? That cant be!!!) I agreed, so I put my medallions on over my Le Coq Sportif sweatshirt and laced up my Air Jordan IV’s and said I wasn’t going to follow the trends either. This was after my whole argyle sock thing. But Jeff is complaining that De La are not keeping it real without dookie gold chains and beepers. And no one else was really doing that at the time. Again the group was refreshing and it was kind of what “Shopping Bags” is as a statement today (BTW Grind Date was really dope too). The other two tracks are from the Clear Lake Auditorium record. "Sh.Fe.Mc’s" (Shocking Females) which is a posse cut with Tribe and "Stix & Stonz" with Tito of The Fearless Four, Grandmaster Caz, Whipper Whip, LA Sunshine, and Superstar, which is fine and all but it was released in 1994 and you can get all excited and bitch me out, but those cats sounded old and corny. It was a nice thought and I have nothing but respect for them but wasn’t my favorite. Look, I could go on and on with a De La post and this was supposed to be a quick paragraph but I like them a lot and you should too. If you don’t then Jesus doesn’t love you and you will burn in the eternal fires of hell. Sorry if that sounds a tad preachy. I don’t make the rules I just live by them. So in summation... If you like De La Soul you will be a millionaire and go to heaven on a snow-white pony or a hot, buxom angel.

01 - Sh.Fe.Mc's (Feat. A Tribe Called Quest)
02 - Stix & Stonz (Feat. Grandmaster Caz, Tito, Whipper Whip LA Sunshine & Superstar)
01 - Brainwashed Follower
02 - Mack Daddy on the Left
03 - Double Huey Skit
04 - The Death of Jeff (Intro from De La Soul Is Dead)

The De La Press Kit.
Pretty cool if you've never seen it. It's from 3 feet high and rising

Monday, May 28, 2007

Rhymes Worth More Than Platinum...

Back in 1988, after marginal noise made by their first EP a group of cats named Wrecks-N- Effect released their self-titled debut on Motown Records. Teddy Riley’s brother, Markell Riley, Brandon Mitchell (Teddy’s half brother), Aquil Davidson and Keith "K.C." Harris (neither of which were related to him in any traceable form) made up the crew with Aquil really being the only memorable part. While tracks like “Juicy” made many a panty wet and “Club Head” enjoyed the famously short and not-really-appreciated-but-somewhat-tolerated Hip-House movement the track “Peanut Butter” was the crème de la crème for me. Aquil’s voice and delivery were aggressive and smooth and the way they built the track at the beginning always got me open. They also had the “New Jack Swing” track which heralded the musical movement of the same name. I can admit that I thought Teddy was the shit and was a big fan of Kane’s “I get the job done.” and Mr. Brown’s “Prerogative” They also had Redhead on a posse cut called “Friends to the end” and at the time “Do the right thing” was in heavy rotation on my piece of shit turntables. While it doesn’t really stand up to the test of time it was a record that made you hate “Rumpshaker” even more and resent the “G-Funk” movement until you were consumed by it’s undeniable charm from artists like Celebrity Fit Club Star, Warren G. Unfortunately they renamed themselves Wreckx-N-Effect in 1992 to keep it real.

01 - New Jack Swing
02 - Leave The Mike Smokin
03 - Juicy
04 - Club Head
05 - Soul Man
06 - Deep
07 - Wipe Your Sweat
08 - V-Man
09 - Peanut Butter
10 - Friends To The End
11 - Rock Steady

Thursday, May 24, 2007

Ya se fue

Alright, busy week. Apologies, apologies. So tonight I’m serving up Ozomatli with a side of Chali 2na garnished with Cut Chemist. Ya llego (I’ve Arrived) was an EP that they sold at their shows in LA before they made it big. A friend of mine sent this to me in 97 and she would not shut up about them. Actually she sent one and it didn’t work (early CDR issues) and got another and sent it. None of this is really relevant besides the fact I was over Ozomatli long before I heard them. But then I heard them. Ozomatli is kind of a contemporary War with no harmonica and a DJ and MC. The first incarnation was with Jurassic 5’s (R.I.P.) own Chali 2na and Cut Chemist. The thing about Ozomatli is they cover funk, jazz, hip-hop, reggae, R&B, and a multitude of Latin styles (pardon my ignorance but I don’t really know a mambo from a meringue) and they do all of this seamlessly. I saw them in Atlanta and they started the show off with a drum line that came in the back door, got on stage, played for one and a half hours and started another drum line and walked out the front door and started a block party that lasted another hour. It was a sublime experience and if you ever get to see them live, do so. Some of it translates on disc, but most of it is an experience you need to, well, experience. All the tracks on this EP were released on their first major release (self-titled) with some minor tweaks and changes. If you haven’t heard Ozomatli and you are a fan of music then you are kind of missing out. They’ve released 5 more records (maybe 4) since then but this one I feel is the best simply because of the added glue of J5. Either way, check it out. Honestly, anyone that I’ve played this for has dug it. It’s like the, “Dry The Rain,” scene in High Fidelity.
Pace.01 - Eva
02 - Cut Chemist Suite
03 - Come Ves
04 - Super Bowl Sundae

Tuesday, May 22, 2007

By the time I'm through you'll remember my name...

Back in the days a few cats, Richard Walters, Dana McLeese, Al Sneed, Lance Brown and Omega the Heartbreaker, realized they needed a gimmick. Like anyone else coming up in the mean streets of New York in the late 70’s and early 80’s they considered a bad-ass name like “Young Guns” or “Savage Skulls” One day they all realized they all had the same hat on so they settled on the thugged out name, “The Kangol Crew.” They started rocking matching blazers in hard ass colors like green, purple, and yellow. They furthered their realness with argyle socks and dreamt of fresh pairs of Bally’s from the Bally shop by the truckload.
In ‘85 Richard (A.K.A. Ricky D B.K.A. Slick Rick the Ruler) met Douglas and the rest of the Get Fresh Crew and made La-di-da-di and a basically unknown b-side called “The Show.” Maybe you heard it. But our story is not about Rick’s love for hookers, Da Vinci’s work and Native American women, but with the guy who bit his style from Rick.
Dana Dane’s British accent was fake. I know, I know. Who can we trust? A fake accent isn’t really a gimmick that can spans some one’s career (see Madonna.) However, for 3 records (some say only 2 and most say only 1) he was great to listen to. I’m a big fan of stories in rhymes and Cinderfella or Nightmares were certainly goofy but well crafted especially for that time. Dane didn’t do anything groundbreaking but he did a party record really well!
The whole album “Dana Dane With Fame” was produced by that master of the shaker in almost every song Herby “Luv” Bug (seriously, if you heard a “sh sh sh” you knew it was Herb.) It was tongue in cheek fun but he was pretty dope at the time. I made the mistake of trying to rock argyles and nearly got beat up but Dane says fashion is the 5th element of Hip-Hop (yes, even if it’s Ice and fronts.) That’s it for now kiddies.

01 - Dedication
02 - Cinderfella Dana Dane
03 - This Be the Def Beat
04 - Dana Dane With Fame
05 - Delancey Street
06 - We Wanna Party
07 - Nightmares
08 - Keep the Groove
09 - Love at First Sight

Monday, May 21, 2007

Nerd Alert.....101001101010

I just heard about this through the podcast of the nerdy podio book I listen to called 7th Son (also really killer and worth checking out.) J.C. Hutchins (author of said nerdology) has a pretty interesting interview with the director in his podcast feed that’s worth a listen too. The short visually, very different and interesting and definitely worth checking out. It's all done with stills that are tweaked and manipulated to death. Kind of a sci-fi/time travel flavored "The Kid Stays In The Picture" but not cartoony and without Robert Evans. Honestly, its really fucking cool. Also, it's in Japanese but there are sub-titles. Be the first to bring this up at the cooler and get certified hipster awards!!!
Website explanation begins (read in low voice with a lot of pauses for proper effect)….
After developing a time machine, Prof. Tanokura finds himself enwrapped in a war ignited by his creation.Missing Pages (amended version) is an award winning 24 minute short movie shot entirely with a digital still camera. The photos, manipulated using a technique lovingly dubbed "fotomation" delivers a unique visual experience.Funded by the J-Pop star Chage of Chage & Aska fame, this short is the result of 14 months of arduous work and experimentation.

Peep the trailer here.
Get it all here.
Peep 7th son here.
Resistance is futile.

Friday, May 18, 2007

And now for something completely different...

Flying in from Manchester is the three-man band known as Doves. Made up of Jez and Andy Williams (on guitar and drums respectively) and Jimi Goodwin on bass and vocals. They were originally a dance set known as Sub Sub who didn’t really even exist in the States. However, in the Uk they apparently made some noise with a couple of tracks in the early 90’s but couldn’t sustain a career making people dance with glowsticks and inhaling Vicks. Thankfully they switched gears and formed Doves in 1998. They released 3 EPs, somewhat independently, and were with Astralwerks and releasing Lost Souls in 2000 and finally settled down at Capitol and released Last Broadcast in 2002. We’ll stay with those two records. Both are brooding and rich and simply brilliant. They both spawned several singles, which contained a slew of b-sides, and some remixes. In 2003 they released Lost Sides, which was a lot of this stuff collected. Since we be keepin it mad real here at Treebeats, this is the limited edition disc that contains the remixes.
If you’re not familiar with Doves sound think Radiohead, Elbow, Ocean Colour Scene (sorta). But they have their own sound too. The thing I like most about Doves is that they haven’t forgotten everything they did as Sub Sub but they are also still very much a rock band. Tracks like Crunch are bristling with a chemical brothers like energy while tracks like Zither are more ambient and sparse. The best thing to do is just download it and check it out. This is one of my favorite bands just because I’ve seen them, I’ve met them, they’ve released a third album as well and they never really disappoint me. If you want to hear a good band that is accessible and engaging at the same time check it out. If not, get some balls and live a little. I think I’ll post some hip-hop later this week or maybe next week.

01 - Break Me Gently (Incidental)
02 - Darker
03 - Your Shadow Lays Across My Life
04 - Meet Me At The Pier
05 - Down To Sea
06 - Crunch
07 - Zither
08 - Valley
09 - Northenden
10 - Hit The Ground Running
11 - Willow's Song
12 - Far From Grace
13 - Words (Echoboy Remix)
14 - N.Y. (Chris Coco Remix)
15 - M62 (Four Tet Remix)
16 - The Sulphur Man (Rebelski Remix)
17 - The Last Broadcast (Magnet Remix)
18 - Where We Are Calling From (Hebden Bridge Remix)
19 - Satellites (Soulsavers Remix)
Part 1

Part 2

Thursday, May 17, 2007

This is a fresh Mc Mix.

Now, I realize that anyone who doesn’t live in the States this is obvious, but those who do might have really missed out on a pretty fantastic record. David Holmes is from Belfast, Ireland and has been DJ-ing and meddling about with nerdy electronic musical instruments for about 23 years. In 1998 he released the seminal Essential mix (blah-blah-blah I don’t really care and if you want to hear someone else rub one out to that record read any other review of David Holmes.)
However, in 2002 he released Come Get It I Got It. Now this was a Dope fucking mix. The guy has spared us a lot of time, needles and money and dug up some really good, really obscure, really nastily-riffed records (funk and soul circa the 60’s and 70’s) and spun them together into 26 tracks and 53 minutes of aural delight. 8 of tracks are from his side project, The Free Association. The result is this marriage of dusty grooves and tripped out shit that makes you bug the fuck out. I recommend copious amounts of ganja and a six-pack of Guiness to properly enhance any of the subtle nuances you might miss whilst sober. It starts off with “Sugar Man” by Sixto Rodriguez and continues on through greats like Muddy Waters and The Staple Singers and lesser knowns like The Fascinating Musical Experience and Johnny Jones & The King Casuals. Track 8, "Mama Soul" by Harold Alexander is this ridiculous scat, flute combo that is certified dope. Check it out and then covertly slip it on the next time someone comes over and watch him or her "oo" and "ah" and either give you money, or get naked. I never believed these stories were true until it happened to me.

01 - Intro
02 - Sixto Rodriguez - Sugarman
03 - The Free Association - Effectin
04 - Hodges, James, Smith & Crawford - Nobody
05 - Muddy Waters - Tom Cat
06 – The Johnny Otis Show - Country Girl
07 - Rex Garvin & The Mighty Cravers - Strange Happenings
08 - Harold Alexander - Mama Soul
09 - The Free Association - Don't Mess Hair
10 - The Free Association - Start Of Something
11 - Ray Bryant - Up Above The Rock
12 - Cyril Neville - Gossip
13 - A Fascinating Musical Experience The Monster
14 - Jujus - Sweet Songs
15 - Betty Adams - Make It Real (Ride On)
16 – The Staple Singers - Why? (Am I Treated So Bad)
17 - The Free Association - This Could Be Your Sister
18 - The Free Association - Salut La Dolce Vita Pt 1
19 - The Free Association - House Music
20 - Johnny Jones And The King Casuals - Purple Haze
21 - The Free Association - Salut La Dolce Vita Pt 2
22 - Valentin Mehler's - Herbstplatte '69
23 - Peter Thomas Sound Orchestra - Stars And Rockets
24 - Andre Perry - Ode A L'affaire
25 - The Free Association - Sounds Phoney

Tuesday, May 15, 2007

I love to love bullfrogs..

In the late 90’s and early 2000’s my man Dan Nakamura was killing it consistently. Consider the evidence, Dr. Octagon, Bombay the Hard Way (with Shadow), Handsome Boy Modeling School, Deltron 3030, Gorillaz, and lastly, Lovage. If you haven’t heard of Lovage, then consider a fine cognac blended with hot chicks, hairy chests (not on the chicks) and a toothbrush (always brush yo breath.) Jennifer Charles of Elysian Fields fame, Mike Patton (of Faith No More, Mr. Bungle, etc) Dan “the Automator" and Kid Koala. Now, I’m not a huge (or even small) Mike Patton fan. I can respect his vocal talent I guess, but the sound of it makes me want to immediately kick someone in the face. But Jennifer Charles… Ooowee. Yum a dum-dum. Her voice over big heavy beats leads to instant copulation, regardless of company or circumstance. The whole record is a novelty but it’s creatively charged and something that doesn’t play out after 2 or 3 listens. I recommend turning off all the lights, lighting a scented candle, stripping down to your underwear and slathering yourself in Vaseline before turning this on. I’ve found it just sounds better that way.
Second up is a Kid Koala project, Bullfrog. These guys are from Montreal and have a slightly rotating membership. I saw them in 2001 with Blurum13 (now doing groovy goodness with Oneself) and really enjoyed myself. Its funky grooves made by a tight band that certainly isn’t earth shattering but is really fun and good vibey and the songs are simple yet good. Kid Koala comes off as more of a band member than a dude who does a scratch solo in the middle of each song. Aiight, I’m out.

01. Ladies Love Chest Rockwell
02. Pit Stop (Take Me Home)
03. Anger Managment
04. Everyone Has A Summer
05. To Catch A Thief
06. Lies And Alibis
07. Herbs, Good Hygiene & Socks
08. Book Of The Month
09. Lifeboat
10. Strangers On A Train
11. Lovage (Love That Lovage, Baby)
12. Sex (I'm A)
13. Koala's Lament
14. Tea Time With Maseo
15. Stroker Ace
16. Archie & Veronica

01. Hello
02. Ya Ya
03. Ababa
04. Reverse Psychology
05. Massimo's Wild Wilderness
06. Bullfrog Theme (re-recording)
07. Shine
08. Extra Track II
09. Snakeskin
10. ''Live'' Somewhere
11. Slow Down
12. ''Live'' Somewhere Else
13. Hotel Food
14. Nice Try
15. Alright: Music For More Morning People
16. Jessica Ends
17. Mark After Dark

Sunday, May 13, 2007

Listen closely, so your attention's undivided.

1990! Check out this list of releases:
A Tribe Called Quest - People's Instinctive Travels and the Paths of Rhythm
Brand Nubian - One For All
Kool G Rap & DJ Polo - Wanted: Dead or Alive
LL Cool J - Mama Said Knock You Out
Digital Underground - Sex Packets
Eric B. & Rakim - Let the Rhythm Hit 'Em (The Source gave it 5 mics!)
Boogie Down Productions - Edutainment
Grand Daddy I.U. - Smooth Assassin
EPMD - Business as Usual
Poor Righteous Teachers - Holy Intellect
X-Clan - To The East, Blackwards
D-Nice - Call Me D-Nice
And Heavy D makes the poor judgment of hiring a young college student/dancer named Sean Combs as an intern. (Mr. Combs later revealed the fact that he had sold his soul and was on a mission to try and ruin the very thing we all loved so much.)

Which leaves us with the unsung hero of the mighty, mighty Juice crew, (Everyone knew Kane, G. Rap and Biz were classic, even way back then) Master (Masta) Ace. This dude killed The Symphonies. He killed Crooklyn Dodgers. SlaughtaHouse was a much needed mirror on the state of hip hop at that time. Also, and most importantly, he graduated from URI (all my 401 heads reprazent.) Ace’s “Take A Look Around” was one of those records that just kept hitting you track after track. Another Marley masterpiece in production. I just think it was one of those records that gets overlooked a lot and I think, lyrically, he was at the top of his class back then. Enjoy.

01. Music Man
02. I Got Ta
03. Letter To The Better (Remix)
04. Me And The Biz
05. The Other Side Of Town
06. Ace Iz Wild
07. Four Minus Three
08. Can't Stop The Bumrush
09. Movin' On
10. Brooklyn Battles
11. Maybe Next Time
12. Postin' High
13. As I Reminisce
14. Take A Look Around
15. Together

Saturday, May 12, 2007

Dear Mama

Alright, so we got some music for the masses here. There’s no real logic or theme for the stuff I selected, I just wanted to put up some singles and some EP’s and I couldn’t decide which to put up. So first off we have Cornelius.

Cornelius is a Japanese cat that spends most of his time making music that can’t be pinned down to any specific genre. He played guitar in a Japanese band Flipper’s Guitar which was instrumental (intended pun) in Japan’s Shibuya-kei music scene. I didn’t know about it until 5 minutes ago but Shibuya-kei is a Japanese pop-fusion that also includes bands like Pizzacato 5.
Now we know.
Anyway, if you haven’t listened to him before, Cornelius is kind of Beck-ish. Only Japanese. A lot of dissonance and a lot of tweaked out samples
and a little less radio friendly. Cornelius is definitely an acquired taste but he has moments that are really exceptional. I’m putting up CM which was his remix album of artists that had remixed his album. Now cypher! As with most of his other records there are moments when you are like, “what the fuck…” and there are moments when you are like, “This shit is fucking ill!”(his remix of Money Mark’s “Maybe I’m Dead” falls into the latter.) If you’re feeling brave and a little dangerous, I’d also recommend checking out Point, its well worth the listen.

Second up we have Tenacious D’s "D Fun Pack." For me, the most important part about this was that they included Jesus Ranch (in demo/acoustic form) which was sorely missed from their first record. I feel the same way about Tenacious D as I do about Dane Cook. I think they are both brilliant and I desperately wanted people to hear them. Then they got successful. And then I got tired of them. Now, either I’m too much of a snob (my wife would agree) or they get less hungry (my theory) but either way the magic fades and I end up sitting at home curled in a fetal positionand weep while I reminisce about the good old days when the Zentradi were vanquished by Rick Hunter and the fleets from the SDF-1 and Tenacious D and Dane Cook seemed a lot cooler. (I understand there’s a 20 year gap between the references but it’s more of a feeling I’m trying to convey than a factual and chronologically accurate representation of popular entertainment.)

Finally we have a couple singles from some guy named Josh Davis. First up is a Mo Wax release with him and DJ Krush. I think the Krush track is fine but when I heard him flip “Sunday Bloody Sunday” for the first time I nearly shit my pants. Granted it’s now 10 years old, but back then it was wicked. Anyone who can sample U2 or Metallica and not sound like a total douche bag deserves props.

Second, is his track for Dark Days. It was a cheery little documentary about people living in the charming surroundings of the pitch black underground tunnels of the N.Y.C. subway system. It is a pretty potent film and definitely worth checking out if you can. You can also find out some more info here.

Alright, that’s it for now. I decided to be prolific while it’s the weekend and I’m not working so don’t feel neglected during the week because I’m not sure I’ll have the time I’d like to post. Also don’t forget to call mom tomorrow and tell her that you think she’s bangin’ like a Ron G tape.

01. UNKLE - Ape Shall Never Kill Ape
02. Money Mark - Maybe I'm Dead
03. Buffalo Daughter - Great Five Lakes
04. Coldcut - Atomic Moog 2000
05. The Pastels - Windy Hill
06. The High Llamas - Homespin Rerun

01. Cave Intro
02. Jesus Ranch (Demo)
03. Kyle Quit The Band (Demo)
04. Explosivo (Mocean's Workers Megamix)

01. DJ Shadow - Lost And Found (S.F.L.)
02. DJ Krush - Kemuri

01. Dark Days (Main Theme)
02. Dark Days (Spoken For Mix)

Friday, May 11, 2007

And we're off..

So honestly I’ve been buggin out trying to figure what to post first. “What if they don’t like it?” “Is that obscure enough?” “What really will wow them at first?” I give up. I also considered making a mix that would best demonstrate my taste. However, after track 47 and only being up to the letter “G” I decided to say fuck it. Also, it’s not really a mix tape. I don’t have to wow you with the first track to keep you listening. I’m not limited to 90 minutes and two sides. I have a lot of room to fuck up. So bear with me. There are only two of you anyway (Big up Chicago and my main man Anonymous.) So I decided to go with the first Radio Soulwax record. It’s diverse enough that it encompasses a lot of my taste and it’s also wicked cool because it’s the first one not that mass produced second one so I get street cred for that. If you’re familiar with Soulwax this is really no different. Not that it’s Blasé. These cats did for mash-up what Yoda did for midi-chlorians.
Soulwax is headed by David and Stephen Dewaele under the pseudonym of 2 Many DJs. This album contains the first part of a 2001 Christmas Show, aired on BBC Radio 1 and originally played on the Studio Brussel radio show Hang the DJ. You can find there website here.
So that’s the first music post. If y’all dig it I’ll post the original Prodigy presents with The Beatles and Jimi included freed from the copyright purgatory. Or I can just continue on. Either way I’mma keep on keeping on.
P.S. Big up to my man Trav on the lookout tip.

01. Salt 'N' Pepa vs. The Stooges - Push It Like A Dog (Soulwax Remix)
02. Felix Da Housecat - Silver Screen Shower Scene
03. Bobby Orlando - She Has A Way
04. Bobby Orlando - I'm So Hot For You
05. Madonna - Vogue (A cappella)
06. Daft Punk - Aerodynamite
07. The Beatles - Sgt. Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band (Reprise) (Anthology 2 version)
08. 808 State - Flow Coma (AFX Remix)
09. Lio - Amour Solitaire
10. Missy Elliot - Lick Shots
11. Elastica - Connection
12. Basement Jaxx vs. The Clash - Magnificent Romeo (Soulwax Remix)
13. Thee Jamie Starr Scenario - Welcome 2 Thee Lite
14. The Jacksons - State Of Shock
15. World's Famous DJ Team - Radio Promo
16. The Beach Boys - God Only Knows (A cappella)
17. Michael Jackson - Billie Jean
18. Carlos Morgan - Shake Your Body
19. Nasty Habits - Shadow Boxing
20. The B-52's vs. Natural Born Chillers - Rock The Funky Beat
21. Alphawezen - Into The Stars (Firebirds Remix)
22. David Bowie - Modern Love
23. Kenny Loggins - Footloose
24. Hairy Diamond - Givin' Up
25. Freelance Hellraiser - Stroke Of Genius
26. Kosheen - Hide U (A cappella)
27. Nas - Hate Me Now (Instrumental)
28. T99 - Anasthasia
29. Marilyn Manson - The Beautiful People
30. Janis Ian - Fly Too High
31. Spice Girls - Wannabe
32. Girls On Top - We Don't Give A Damn About Our Friends
33. The Notorious B.I.G. - Hypnotized
34. DJ Kool - Let Me Clear My Throat (DJ LBR Remix)
35. Breakestra - Cramp Your Style
36. Hanayo with Jürgen Paape - Joe Le Taxi
37. Klein & M.B.O - Dirty Talk
38. New Order - Blue Monday / The Beach
39. Basement Jaxx - Just 1 Kiss (A cappella)
40. The Chemical Brothers - It Began In Afrika
41. The Disco Boys featuring RB - Born To Be Alive (Felix Da Housecat Remix)
42. Bentley Rhythm Ace - How'd I Do Dat (Chicken Lips Remix)
43. The Microbop Ensemble - Groove Baby
44. Dom.I.No - Up The Par (with The Beatles - Lady Madonna)
45. Nirvana vs. Destiny's Child - Smells Like Booty (Soulwax Remix)
46. Dukbreakz - Dubbreaks
47. Darkus - The Wisemen Speech
48. Lazy Dogz - I Don't Care
49. Ladytron - Playgirl (Soulwax Remix)
50. Paul Simon - Late In The Evening

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