Saturday, May 12, 2007

Dear Mama

Alright, so we got some music for the masses here. There’s no real logic or theme for the stuff I selected, I just wanted to put up some singles and some EP’s and I couldn’t decide which to put up. So first off we have Cornelius.

Cornelius is a Japanese cat that spends most of his time making music that can’t be pinned down to any specific genre. He played guitar in a Japanese band Flipper’s Guitar which was instrumental (intended pun) in Japan’s Shibuya-kei music scene. I didn’t know about it until 5 minutes ago but Shibuya-kei is a Japanese pop-fusion that also includes bands like Pizzacato 5.
Now we know.
Anyway, if you haven’t listened to him before, Cornelius is kind of Beck-ish. Only Japanese. A lot of dissonance and a lot of tweaked out samples
and a little less radio friendly. Cornelius is definitely an acquired taste but he has moments that are really exceptional. I’m putting up CM which was his remix album of artists that had remixed his album. Now cypher! As with most of his other records there are moments when you are like, “what the fuck…” and there are moments when you are like, “This shit is fucking ill!”(his remix of Money Mark’s “Maybe I’m Dead” falls into the latter.) If you’re feeling brave and a little dangerous, I’d also recommend checking out Point, its well worth the listen.

Second up we have Tenacious D’s "D Fun Pack." For me, the most important part about this was that they included Jesus Ranch (in demo/acoustic form) which was sorely missed from their first record. I feel the same way about Tenacious D as I do about Dane Cook. I think they are both brilliant and I desperately wanted people to hear them. Then they got successful. And then I got tired of them. Now, either I’m too much of a snob (my wife would agree) or they get less hungry (my theory) but either way the magic fades and I end up sitting at home curled in a fetal positionand weep while I reminisce about the good old days when the Zentradi were vanquished by Rick Hunter and the fleets from the SDF-1 and Tenacious D and Dane Cook seemed a lot cooler. (I understand there’s a 20 year gap between the references but it’s more of a feeling I’m trying to convey than a factual and chronologically accurate representation of popular entertainment.)

Finally we have a couple singles from some guy named Josh Davis. First up is a Mo Wax release with him and DJ Krush. I think the Krush track is fine but when I heard him flip “Sunday Bloody Sunday” for the first time I nearly shit my pants. Granted it’s now 10 years old, but back then it was wicked. Anyone who can sample U2 or Metallica and not sound like a total douche bag deserves props.

Second, is his track for Dark Days. It was a cheery little documentary about people living in the charming surroundings of the pitch black underground tunnels of the N.Y.C. subway system. It is a pretty potent film and definitely worth checking out if you can. You can also find out some more info here.

Alright, that’s it for now. I decided to be prolific while it’s the weekend and I’m not working so don’t feel neglected during the week because I’m not sure I’ll have the time I’d like to post. Also don’t forget to call mom tomorrow and tell her that you think she’s bangin’ like a Ron G tape.

01. UNKLE - Ape Shall Never Kill Ape
02. Money Mark - Maybe I'm Dead
03. Buffalo Daughter - Great Five Lakes
04. Coldcut - Atomic Moog 2000
05. The Pastels - Windy Hill
06. The High Llamas - Homespin Rerun

01. Cave Intro
02. Jesus Ranch (Demo)
03. Kyle Quit The Band (Demo)
04. Explosivo (Mocean's Workers Megamix)

01. DJ Shadow - Lost And Found (S.F.L.)
02. DJ Krush - Kemuri

01. Dark Days (Main Theme)
02. Dark Days (Spoken For Mix)

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