Monday, May 21, 2007

Nerd Alert.....101001101010

I just heard about this through the podcast of the nerdy podio book I listen to called 7th Son (also really killer and worth checking out.) J.C. Hutchins (author of said nerdology) has a pretty interesting interview with the director in his podcast feed that’s worth a listen too. The short visually, very different and interesting and definitely worth checking out. It's all done with stills that are tweaked and manipulated to death. Kind of a sci-fi/time travel flavored "The Kid Stays In The Picture" but not cartoony and without Robert Evans. Honestly, its really fucking cool. Also, it's in Japanese but there are sub-titles. Be the first to bring this up at the cooler and get certified hipster awards!!!
Website explanation begins (read in low voice with a lot of pauses for proper effect)….
After developing a time machine, Prof. Tanokura finds himself enwrapped in a war ignited by his creation.Missing Pages (amended version) is an award winning 24 minute short movie shot entirely with a digital still camera. The photos, manipulated using a technique lovingly dubbed "fotomation" delivers a unique visual experience.Funded by the J-Pop star Chage of Chage & Aska fame, this short is the result of 14 months of arduous work and experimentation.

Peep the trailer here.
Get it all here.
Peep 7th son here.
Resistance is futile.

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