Friday, May 18, 2007

And now for something completely different...

Flying in from Manchester is the three-man band known as Doves. Made up of Jez and Andy Williams (on guitar and drums respectively) and Jimi Goodwin on bass and vocals. They were originally a dance set known as Sub Sub who didn’t really even exist in the States. However, in the Uk they apparently made some noise with a couple of tracks in the early 90’s but couldn’t sustain a career making people dance with glowsticks and inhaling Vicks. Thankfully they switched gears and formed Doves in 1998. They released 3 EPs, somewhat independently, and were with Astralwerks and releasing Lost Souls in 2000 and finally settled down at Capitol and released Last Broadcast in 2002. We’ll stay with those two records. Both are brooding and rich and simply brilliant. They both spawned several singles, which contained a slew of b-sides, and some remixes. In 2003 they released Lost Sides, which was a lot of this stuff collected. Since we be keepin it mad real here at Treebeats, this is the limited edition disc that contains the remixes.
If you’re not familiar with Doves sound think Radiohead, Elbow, Ocean Colour Scene (sorta). But they have their own sound too. The thing I like most about Doves is that they haven’t forgotten everything they did as Sub Sub but they are also still very much a rock band. Tracks like Crunch are bristling with a chemical brothers like energy while tracks like Zither are more ambient and sparse. The best thing to do is just download it and check it out. This is one of my favorite bands just because I’ve seen them, I’ve met them, they’ve released a third album as well and they never really disappoint me. If you want to hear a good band that is accessible and engaging at the same time check it out. If not, get some balls and live a little. I think I’ll post some hip-hop later this week or maybe next week.

01 - Break Me Gently (Incidental)
02 - Darker
03 - Your Shadow Lays Across My Life
04 - Meet Me At The Pier
05 - Down To Sea
06 - Crunch
07 - Zither
08 - Valley
09 - Northenden
10 - Hit The Ground Running
11 - Willow's Song
12 - Far From Grace
13 - Words (Echoboy Remix)
14 - N.Y. (Chris Coco Remix)
15 - M62 (Four Tet Remix)
16 - The Sulphur Man (Rebelski Remix)
17 - The Last Broadcast (Magnet Remix)
18 - Where We Are Calling From (Hebden Bridge Remix)
19 - Satellites (Soulsavers Remix)
Part 1

Part 2

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