Friday, May 11, 2007

And we're off..

So honestly I’ve been buggin out trying to figure what to post first. “What if they don’t like it?” “Is that obscure enough?” “What really will wow them at first?” I give up. I also considered making a mix that would best demonstrate my taste. However, after track 47 and only being up to the letter “G” I decided to say fuck it. Also, it’s not really a mix tape. I don’t have to wow you with the first track to keep you listening. I’m not limited to 90 minutes and two sides. I have a lot of room to fuck up. So bear with me. There are only two of you anyway (Big up Chicago and my main man Anonymous.) So I decided to go with the first Radio Soulwax record. It’s diverse enough that it encompasses a lot of my taste and it’s also wicked cool because it’s the first one not that mass produced second one so I get street cred for that. If you’re familiar with Soulwax this is really no different. Not that it’s Blasé. These cats did for mash-up what Yoda did for midi-chlorians.
Soulwax is headed by David and Stephen Dewaele under the pseudonym of 2 Many DJs. This album contains the first part of a 2001 Christmas Show, aired on BBC Radio 1 and originally played on the Studio Brussel radio show Hang the DJ. You can find there website here.
So that’s the first music post. If y’all dig it I’ll post the original Prodigy presents with The Beatles and Jimi included freed from the copyright purgatory. Or I can just continue on. Either way I’mma keep on keeping on.
P.S. Big up to my man Trav on the lookout tip.

01. Salt 'N' Pepa vs. The Stooges - Push It Like A Dog (Soulwax Remix)
02. Felix Da Housecat - Silver Screen Shower Scene
03. Bobby Orlando - She Has A Way
04. Bobby Orlando - I'm So Hot For You
05. Madonna - Vogue (A cappella)
06. Daft Punk - Aerodynamite
07. The Beatles - Sgt. Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band (Reprise) (Anthology 2 version)
08. 808 State - Flow Coma (AFX Remix)
09. Lio - Amour Solitaire
10. Missy Elliot - Lick Shots
11. Elastica - Connection
12. Basement Jaxx vs. The Clash - Magnificent Romeo (Soulwax Remix)
13. Thee Jamie Starr Scenario - Welcome 2 Thee Lite
14. The Jacksons - State Of Shock
15. World's Famous DJ Team - Radio Promo
16. The Beach Boys - God Only Knows (A cappella)
17. Michael Jackson - Billie Jean
18. Carlos Morgan - Shake Your Body
19. Nasty Habits - Shadow Boxing
20. The B-52's vs. Natural Born Chillers - Rock The Funky Beat
21. Alphawezen - Into The Stars (Firebirds Remix)
22. David Bowie - Modern Love
23. Kenny Loggins - Footloose
24. Hairy Diamond - Givin' Up
25. Freelance Hellraiser - Stroke Of Genius
26. Kosheen - Hide U (A cappella)
27. Nas - Hate Me Now (Instrumental)
28. T99 - Anasthasia
29. Marilyn Manson - The Beautiful People
30. Janis Ian - Fly Too High
31. Spice Girls - Wannabe
32. Girls On Top - We Don't Give A Damn About Our Friends
33. The Notorious B.I.G. - Hypnotized
34. DJ Kool - Let Me Clear My Throat (DJ LBR Remix)
35. Breakestra - Cramp Your Style
36. Hanayo with Jürgen Paape - Joe Le Taxi
37. Klein & M.B.O - Dirty Talk
38. New Order - Blue Monday / The Beach
39. Basement Jaxx - Just 1 Kiss (A cappella)
40. The Chemical Brothers - It Began In Afrika
41. The Disco Boys featuring RB - Born To Be Alive (Felix Da Housecat Remix)
42. Bentley Rhythm Ace - How'd I Do Dat (Chicken Lips Remix)
43. The Microbop Ensemble - Groove Baby
44. Dom.I.No - Up The Par (with The Beatles - Lady Madonna)
45. Nirvana vs. Destiny's Child - Smells Like Booty (Soulwax Remix)
46. Dukbreakz - Dubbreaks
47. Darkus - The Wisemen Speech
48. Lazy Dogz - I Don't Care
49. Ladytron - Playgirl (Soulwax Remix)
50. Paul Simon - Late In The Evening

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