Wednesday, May 9, 2007

What an original and courageous idea for a blog...

This is the first post. The original. The larva of this blog, nay the egg on the leaf, nay the unfertilized egg within the thorax (or is it abdomen?) of the first insect to rise from the primordial soup. Before this post there was nothing. This is the dawn. The beginning. The genesis (with Peter Gabriel). The anti-delta. The Alpha. Number 1. The trendsetter. The best, worst, and by far the most mediocre post so far. Where it all begins.
So it’s another boring music blog but also some other things that interest me. I am a huge fan of Hip-hop from the beginning to 94-ish. I'm into most foroms of electronica (except trance which kind of bores me to point of becoming a "cutter") I also am a fan of rock (more brit-poppy stuff but I like domestic indie stuff and classics.) Reggae (DUB, dancehall and roots) And I grew up in the 80’s so crappy R&B. Mainly just about everything but country, simply because of my own ignorance and I don’t know enough about it’s history and there is no way in hell I’m buying a Faith Hill record. I like a lot of music and I listen to a lot of music and I also like the fact that when I bought Optimus Prime and Megatron, they were made of metal. I have grand ideas of daily posts. That’ll probably not happen. I’m trying to figure out what’s best between Rapidshare or Sendspace or the other 2 or 3 hundred file-storage sites to choose from. Let me know if you are in the know. Also, I don’t care if you use my links and don’t give me credit. Not yet at least. Have at it sailor. I think it’s ridiculous to claim a link to something that isn’t mine. I have enough of an internal struggle justifying putting music up here. I can’t be high and mighty about it too. Basically this is all about shit I like and I really like my taste in music. You should too. Soon as I figure out what to start with I’ll start the music.


Anonymous said... is the best upload service! Test it out. I'm sure you'll agree. is the best for individual random tracks. People can stream the audio before deciding if it's worth downloading.

Good luck with the blog!

Chicago said...

I'm looking forward to the blog. I like the fact that you listen to a wide array of music. As long as the writing is good I'll be satisfied, but then again it's not about me in the least. Good luck with your endeavor.

Afro said...

Yo! I'm downloading this first post of yours. will get back to you after I've had time to listen. I had searched for "Fly too high" by Janis Ian, and got to your blog. Interesting, to say the least. Cheers from Sunny (and cold) South Africa!

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