Wednesday, January 30, 2008

January Is For Beats...Patrick Douthit, Peter Philips, & Chris Martin

So, there's one more day but I wanted to get the Class Is In Session thing out and big up a gimme. I can’t rustle much up on the “Class Is In Session” record. It was done around 2005. It was collaboration between 9th Wonder and Pete Rock. Grap Luva and Phonte were involved. The beats are dope. If anyone has some info on why it came about or any back-story, please let me know.
And Premier really is just that dude. I’m putting up The Question Remains instrumental. You’re probably like, “this beat isn’t a good example of Primo. I disagree. He took a two count from one of the more popular samples of the time and flipped it. He’s the king of finding things that can be looped infinitum and still sound fresh. He has the most widely recognizable scratching style in the world.
From GangStarr to Lord Finesse Jeru to Nas to Biggie. On and on and it’s all pretty consistent. That’s about 20 years of not sucking. That ain’t easy. There’s plenty more info on him, but you guys are hip to it. And I’m lazy.

01 - Whatever You Say (Remix I) (Feat. Little Brother)
02 - Whatever You Say (Remix II) (Feat. Little Brother)
03 - Am I Dreaming?
04 - Hi Baby (Instrumental)
05 - Watch Me (Instrumental)
06 - City Star Srut (Instrumental)
07 - Oh yeah (Feat. Phonte, Grap Luva, & Kevin Brown)
08 - Always (Feat. Kevin Brown)
09 - From The Basement (Feat. Phonte & Grap Luva)
10 - Funky (Instrumental)
11 - Night Cruise (Instrumental)
12 - Hello Tokyo (Instrumental)


alley al said...

speaking of primo, i recently got that 70+minutes of his beats mixed by some dj.. i just grabbed it just because not really expecting much cuz the title (?)/notes on the post said something else..
and it's like a blend of primo-song vocals, AND over 100 primo beats under the different verses/hooks etc. nothing new, but refreshing.

FUCK what is the name of it!! probably got it from hhb.

ok gotta get my old ass ready for school.

What It Is said...

hey fatty hit me up with an email when you find that jiznoint.

alley al said...

check your email bucko

Soul Diggs said...

thanks for the hook up

ILLustrious said...

thanks man! appreciate it

i forgot all about this

Slim Jenkins said...

Yo What It Is,

Thanks for the bangin PR project. About to check him out live next weekend in SF.

Peep if you get a chance.


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