Monday, January 21, 2008

January Is For Beats: Joe Beats

Joeseph Beats (god given name) is straight out of the biggest little state in the union. He’s a sample based producer and here’s a tip for you aspiring producers that keep getting newer equipment and software to make your beats that much better. He uses SAWPro on a 333 MHz, 128MB RAM, Windows 98 computer. Now, I’ve never used SAWPro but I’ve used a lot of Cakewalk and some Cubase and no Pro Tools. My point is this, stop getting more and more shit. Pick something that you have and like learn the fuck out of it. Spend some time with it. Flirt. Play hard to get, whatever but learn that particular piece of software or hardware in and out. Then you can build on that. It will help you define your own sound. If it doesn’t do something that someone else does, then you should both stop trying to do what someone else does and also figure out a way to make it do that. 9th Wonder does his shit on Fruity Loops and Cool Edit Pro. Shadow did Endtroducing all on an MPC-60. Just learn some thing and define your sound. Yeah, so Joe Beats is really dope. Really moody and brooding type shit. His first release, Reverse Discourse came out in 2003 and he’s had 3 or 4 since then. I’m putting up Side 1 of the vinyl version of Diverse Recourse (2007) which has some tracks not on the CD. It’s way to recent for my liking to post, thus only one side (like that makes a difference but I’m inconsistent and irrational so sue me. Actually don’t sue me but hate me) but the shit is dope and I don’t think he gets nearly enough shine. But, I like it a lot and January is the month of beats. He’s also works with Sage Francis (another RI thug) as Non-Prophets. Good shit too. Feel the funk baby.
01 - Don't Front...
02 - Smart Dumb Person
03 - Me Talk Pretty
04 - Kiss Of Life
05 - Sleep Or Bust
06 - Strategery
07 - Friday Afternoon

Doin his thing.

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Matthew said...

I couldn't agree with you more.

So many kids just keep getting more and more software, and don't bother to learn it. A true Artist can create with bare bones basic tools. A good writer can blow your mind wiht paper and pen. I have seen people do the illest Art imaginalbe with a few cans of spray paint or a fucking pencil. Glen Velez can flip shit with hand drums. Miles on the Horn, etc. The point is, it's not what you use. It's how you use it.

There is tons of new, exotic, and exciting software out there. However, I will probably always use Fruity Loops because I can get so ill with it.

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