Wednesday, January 16, 2008

January Is For Beats...Ewart & Walter Dewgarde

Da Beatminerz. A crew that became famous for using a filter on an Akai sampler. A friend of mine had the S950 back in the day. We were playing around with it and all of the sudden, with the aid of a low pass filter, we were Evil Dee and Mr. Walt. Not to slight the guys but their early sound was distinct for a reason. They did define the gritty dark sound that was the East Coast Street in the Mid 90’s. Really thick and fat loops de la Jazz variety, really compressed drums and bass lines that made you want to get on some old high school shit and start punching people in the face. Enta Da Stage blew my mind and I spent many hours writing rhymes to that record. I’d say that one and Stunts, Blunts, & Hip Hop were the cause of many pages of metaphysical blundering by me. Lots of “3rd eye”'s and “my mental” this and that. Anyway, they evolved. Got a few more cats in their click and released two joints showcasing their beats and the raw talent that began to blend all together and sound the same to me and a whole buncha remixes. That being said, I liked pretty much all of it up through O.G.C. then it got a bit monotonous. But those earlier releases were fucking huge for me and obviously a few others. I wish I had had this instrumental version (and the sassy cover I created on back then but then again I wouldn’t have left my house and probably would not have gotten up to eat or poop and would have been found dead emaciated and rotting in a sea of feces. And that probably wouldn’t have been worth it. They have since gone back down to the original two-brother combo and have continued to make bangers.


01 - Powaful Impak (Instrumental)
02 - Niguz Talk Shit (Instrumental)
03 - Who Got The Props (Evil Dee Mix Instrumental)
04 - Act Like U Want It (Instrumental)
05 - Buck Em Down (Instrumental)
06 - Black Smif N Wessun (Instrumental)
07 - Son Get Wrec (Instrumental)
08 - Make Munne (Instrumental)
09 - I Got Cha Opin (Remix Instrumental)
10 - Shit Iz Real (Instrumental)
11 - Enta Da Stage (Instrumental)
12 - How Many Mcs (Instrumental)
13 - U Da Man (Instrumental)
14 - Funk It Up (Instrumental)
15 - Murder Mc's (Instrumental)
16 - Reality (Killing Every) (Instrumental)
17 - Who Got The Props (Mw Smooth Mix Instrumental)

Siblings and a short guy in the studio.

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