Tuesday, January 8, 2008

January Is For Beats: Robert Diggs

Robert Diggs was born 15 days before Neil Armstrong landed on the moon (or did he?) 22 years later he released "Ooh I Love You Rakeem" Then he went to jail. 2 years later he reunited with his cousins Gary and Russell and 7 other rapper guys, to release the quietly recieved "Enter the Wu-Tang (36 Chambers)." Apparently a few people bought this long playing vinyl record with sales over 8.3 million thus far. The Bodyguard Soundtrack, which was released around the same time however, has sold about 18 million. That means it's a better album and I'm considering staring a Whitney blog because of that.
But back to Bobby. I read somewhere that he did the whole thing on an ASR-10, which I had at the time...still do actually. It was dirty sounding and crunchy and redefined the way a lot of young producers wanted to sound. Full of references from old kung-fu flicks seems passé now but that cat was genius to blaze that trail. And the fight sounds getting punched in over curses for the "radio" versions!? Fucking brilliant! It was by far my favorite sounding Wu record and rests with ODB's and Rae's solo joints in my world of deeply loved RZA excersions. I don't remember where I found the Instrumentals but wherever it was, "thanks." Enjoy.
Enter the Wu-Tang (36 Chambers)Instrumentals
01 - Bring Da Ruckus (Instrumental)
02 - Shame On A Nigga (Instrumental)
03 - Clan In Da Front (Instrumental)
04 - Wu-Tang 7th Chamber (Instrumental)
05 - Can It Be All So Simple (Instrumental)
06 - Da Mystery of Chessboxin' (Instrumental)
07 - Wu-Tang Ain't Nothin To Fuck Wit (Instrumental)
08 - C.R.E.A.M. (Instrumental)
09 - Method Man (Instrumental)
10 - Protect Ya Neck (Instrumental)
11 – Tearz (Instrumental)
12 - Wu-Tang 7th Chamber (Part 2) (Instrumental)
13 - Method Man (Remix) (Instrumental)

That rough, rugged and raw shit


Max said...

Actually, I have been giving it some thought; I may or may not put out a call for guest smart-asses to post write-ups over on my blog, and I would return the favor on others. Still trying to work out the whole "time" thing, but if/when it happens, I'll let you know.

alley al said...

max, so why would you consider this guy? is he supposed to be funny or something? i can't even make sense of the names he chooses!! what is treebeats? why susan powter in the icon? and WHAT IT IS as a tag is either mad corny or genius. actually, i pick genius. this dude's a wise-ass to the tee. love it. he kinda does it in a non-offensive way.

What It Is said...

shut up fatty.

alley al said...

sadly, there's nothing fat about me. not my pockets. not my girl's ass. not my cock. maybe my lip from geting buss-ted from talking too much shit.

Dart Adams said...

I am sitting in front of an ASR 10 right now and I used to think this song was freakin' horrible when it used to come on Rap City back in the days.

I got too many ladies, I gotta learn to say no.


What It Is said...

That song is still horrible.
And Rap City when it was just "Rap City". Before "The Basement" and after "Video Soul." Sherry Carter and Madeline Woods were always my favorite VJ's. I tried to look up Madeline Woods the other day to see if she was as fine as I remembered and found nothing. I'm going to look on youtube right now

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