Friday, August 31, 2007

Friday's Cover: People Are Strange

I was never really a Doors fan. I dug a few of their songs, but those fucking posters of Jim Morrison with his shirt off in every chick’s dorm room made me spontaneously vomit and seize. I mean I guess it’s cool that he whipped his dick out on stage but shut up about it. I know plenty of dudes that would like to whip their dicks out on stage and that doesn’t make them revolutionaries or poets. I guess I don’t really know a lot of dudes that would whip their dicks out and in retrospect that sounded far gayer than intended, but you know what I’m saying. So, “People Are Strange.” Song by the Doors that I actually liked. I guess it’s all about being socially outcast (can anyone relate?) But I always thought that song was kind of hokey.

Stina Nordenstam is a Swedish chick that makes music. I don’t really know a lot a bout her but Unkle did the remix and there was a time in the late 90’s that I considered anything done by Unkle was pretty much gold. What I’ve read, she was a jazz based lass who decided to do some experimenting and released a record of covers from which this is taken. It’s far more eerie and moody than the original and added those weird and uncomfortable feelings that compliment the lyrics more in my opinion. But this isn't about me. This is about you and your beleifs.

Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Treebeats A To Z Posting Compilation Of Really Dope Things. The Letters H&I

Alright y'all I didn't have enough H or I to make a complete mix so I combined and purged. I'm tired and I gotta go to bed but enjoy.

01 - Hall & Oates - Private Eyes
Darryl Hall and John Oates came up with the punny genre “Rock & Soul.” They made outrageously large mustaches, jeri-fros, and mullets sexy as hell. They also made some good music. When I moved back to the States in 82 my cousin had made about 6 beta-max tapes of Mtv. My brother and I acclimated back into American culture by watching 36 hours of shitty new wave videos. I then got into several fights on the first day of school. Apparently tying bandanas around your thigh wasn’t really a good idea. Who knew?
02 - Handsome Boy Modeling School - If It Wasn't For You (Feat. De La Soul & Starchild Excalibur)
So, I’ve tried to find out about what exactly Starship Excalibur did on this track but I’m at a loss. I simply put this in because it was De La with Prince Paul and that’s always a great reason to listen. If you haven’t heard any of the Handsome Boy Modeling School then go get both their records. They are certified dope. If you don’t like it I will personally come to your house and erase all traces of memories of listening to it with my aural deletion apparatus.
03 - The Herbaliser - Another Mother (must be downloaded separately)
I think Herbaliser was my first taste of Ninja Tune and I was hooked immediately. It was when I got my own apartment and started really getting into production techniques and straying from hip-hop a little bit. I didn’t consider it a stray but some of you cats that require a drum machine and an M.C. would. Anyway, it was downtempo instrumental hip hop at it’s finest for me. It also was my first taste of Jean Grae who I was feeling.
04 - Herb Alpert & the Tijuana Brass - Whipped Cream
Certainly my favorite record cover featuring a female covered in whipped cream ever. I was so excited when I got a good copy of this and was able to put I ton my wall. I felt like I worked in a record store. This is actually from the Rewhipped version of this album which was great and Herb Alpert had a lot to do with it and re-recorded some trumpet work for it. It’s a classic record that was reduxed well. Check it out if you haven’t
05 - Herbie Hancock - Rock It (Feat. Grand Mixer DXT)
I remember seeing a live version of this when it was touring on TV and being absolutely blown away. I was sitting with my dad too and it was one of those moments where we shared a musical moment that I’ll always remember. Herbie Hancock was an amazing jazz artist who understood the importance of hip-hop and embraced it as it began and was never trite and made the best cross-over record for at least a decade. Maybe ever.
06 - The Hives - Hate To Say I Told You So
The Hives are the hardest group from Sweden you’ve ever heard. Really more punk than rock, they are a pretty hard ass band. This song, by means of basic deduction does also indeed rock.
07 - Hollertronix - So Many Shrimp
If you’ve never heard Diplo and Low Budget doing there mash-up thing you should. It’s one of those rare occasions for me when I can listen to southern gangsta rap for an extended period of time and still enjoy myself. They work together a lot of material, not to the dizzying amounts of Girl Talk but this certainly is not a blend tape.
08 - House of Pain - Jump Around (Pete Rock Remix)
It seems like this version is making the rounds on a lot of the blogs I go to now but here it is again. I have to say that I think Pete Rock was lazy by cutting out the first “Pack” in Pack it up. This is simply a production gripe and otherwise it was similar to the PE remix he did. I mean that in the sense that it was fucking ill as shit and if you heard it when it came out and House of pain wasn’t one of the six rap records you owned you quite possibly shat your pants and played it several times in a row.
09 - The Housemartins - People Who Grinned Themselves to Death
My brother was a fan of these guys and I kind of hated them but always liked this song. I don’t know anything about them and don’t care enough to look it up really. All I know is that Fatboy Slim was the bassist which is kind of like saying KT Tunstall will have a grammy winning rap album in 10 years. I always kind of liked that about Norman Cook.
10 - Ice Cube - The Nigga Ya Love To Hate
I honestly can’t think of a first track on an album that I like more than this and that set the stage better for what an M.C. was about to do to you in the next 45-60 minutes. Maybe the Roots’ “Proceed” but this was so fucking beautiful. I mean the bomb squad did shit that made Hip-Hop production into an art. There were drum beats you heard for one measure. Or a loop that only played for on hook and no the rest. I really like them and this isn’t about them but sort of is. Cube always shined in NWA and with the addition of good production he released one of my favorite albums and EP’s of all time. By the way, O’shea Jackson, I don’t hate you. I think your recent work with the “Are We There Yet” series of motion pictures is truly your legacy.
11 - Ice-T - I'm Your Pusher
There was a Time when Ice’T wasn’t a punchline. A time when there was no Coco and Darlene’s joyfully underdressed form adorned his covers. This was the time of L.G.B.N.A.F. and Ice-T was more of an M.C. than a pimp of an actor or whatever the fuck he does now. “I’m Your Pusher” was the first record I had 2 12”s of and I juggled it poorly for a long time. It’s also one of my favorite songs of his, probably for the same reason.
12 - Idlewild - Annihilate Now!
I’d like to sound cool and say I was down with these dudes from day one but I honestly didn’t know about them until I started looking for the latest Outkast travesty and stumbled over them. Scotland makes some really good rock and roll. These cats started of a lot harder and have certainly mellowed out. Maybe it’s switching labels. Maybe it’s breaking up and getting back together. Maybe it’s just getting old. There new record, while good and all doesn’t have the same hunger that their earlier work did.
13 - Ill Al Skratch - Where My Homiez (Come Around My Way)
I kind of thought of these guys as a modern day (15 years ago) Nice and Smooth. I mean they weren’t as compelling to listen to but they had that rhyming/singing thing going on. It’s amazing how poorly this aged and how dated they sound “We over here G” Come on. What’s worse is that I used to sing that shit and think that there was a possibility I would shoot someone if they looked at me funny but I didn’t have a gun and cried at camp when they killed a frog so it was even more disturbingly ridiculous. Loved it when it came out though.
14 - Interpol - Untitled
Their debut blew me away. This was my favorite track from it. Very moody and emblematic of that “New York indie scene” sound. Basically they wear tight jeans that are taperd and use far to much product in their hair. In any event, they made a really great record and this was part of it.
15 - Iron & Wine Calexico - He Lays In Reins
I thought this track had a little more balls than the rest of his catalogue. Kind of an interesting story. The dude was a professor in Miami and his friend found some tracks he had recorded at home, sent them into Sub-Pop and he was signed. I have a personal man love for this dude. I first heard him several years ago on Christmas, severly inebriated at my brother’s house. I didn’t know how to work the audiotron at my brothers and ended up listening to his album for three hours while I read Ego Trip’s Book Of Rap Lists. It was one of the most bizarre experiences in my life. Also, my wife walked down the aisle to his “Our Endless Numbered Days” that I had looped to glorious results. Awwww.
16 - Isaac Hayes - Walk On By
I kind of wish I had used this for a Friday’s Cover, but this is just a fucking great record that has been sampled ad nauseum for good reason.
17 - Isley Brothers - Between The Sheets
This record has also been sampled ad-nauseum. Here’s what I came up with off the top of my head, Biggie’s “Big Poppa”, Keith Murray’s "The Most Beautifullest Thing in the World", A Tribe Called Quest’s "Bonita Applebaum" and Da Brat’s "Funkdafied". I mean, those are pretty significant records and all sampled from the same source. Believe it or not. (Ripley’s reference that doesn’t translate in a 12 point font.)

I wanted to find a clip of Halle Barry in Catwoman but I thought this was probably better.

Monday, August 27, 2007

Mixtape Monday: Cold Krush Cuts

Coming from the double cd release of Coldcut and DJ Krush, this is the second side and by far my favorite. It’s a Ninja Tune mix and I’m sure that may scare a few people. Please, don’t fuck up the rest of your future and any chance of getting laid by not listening to this mix. Its 68 minutes and 39 minutes of aural ecstasy. A lot of cat’s think that hip-hop is limited to a having an M.C. or else it ain’t real. This is not only limiting it's why were stuck actually giving a fuck about Curtis Jackson. Not that I like him but he's part of my reality, whether I like it or not ("not" for therecord). There are actually, 4 elements to Hip-Hop and DAT’s are not one of them. A posse of your boys protecting your poor stage presence on stage is not one of them. fronting, sadly, is not one of them. And what I find absolutely unacceptable, dress-length, white t-shirts are not one of them. The original four, if anyone cares, is M.C.’s, B-boys/girls (but really who cares about b-girls or female M.C.’s) Graffiti, and DJ’s. This is an example of the latter. The production on this was ridiculous. The mixing was pretty on point and flawless. We’re blessed with my favorite version of “Autumn Leaves”, gum shoe samples, esoteric stories about insects and some brilliant fucking music. Everything goes together well and seamlessly. For all the heads, there is a Wu Tang sample if that gives it the necessary cred to give it a listen. I bought this on a whim in 97 or 98 as I was getting more into production and was really lucky I did. It’s not a rap mix. Don’t misunderstand. It is however one of the greatest blends of downtempo, Drum & Bass, Instrumental-abstract-jazzy-Hip-Hop and any other Genre that Ninja Tune helped to create and develop. Do yourself a favor and check it. If you don’t, you will hurt yourself in a mysterious horse riding accident.
01. Funki Porcini - Groover
02. KT & Hex - Global Chaos (Archi Version)
03. 2 Player Vs. The Herbaliser - Sometimes (Feat. Shin)
04. DJ Vadim & Mark B - The Breaks
05. The Herbaliser - The Real Killer Pt. 2 (Rooftop Prowler)
06. Luke Vibert - Get Your Head Down
07. London Funk Allstars - Goodbye Cruel World
08. Coldcut - Naked Leaves
09. DJ Food - Spiral
10. Hex - Harmonic
11. Cabbage Boy - Mod You
12. DJ Toolz - Ready Brek
13. Amon Tobin - Creatures
14. Peezee - Nightrous
15. Up, Bustle & Out - An Unmarked Grave (In Memory Of Butch Cassidy & The Sundance Kid)
16. Up, Bustle & Out - The Revolutionary Woman Of The Windmill (OestroGwen Mix)
17. The Herbaliser - Mr. Chombee Has The Flaw
18. DJ Food - The Breaks Of Wrath
19. Drome - Alice Effekt
20. Gideon - Glass
21. DJ Food - Sun Vibes
22. E.V.A. - Oddly Godly
23. Funki Porcini - Going Down

Sunday, August 26, 2007

A few things...

So Curtis Jackson says he'll stop making records if Kanye out sells him. I beg everyone to buy Kanye's record. And then burn it. Or you can return it. It's my plan. Second, I go back to work tomorrow. I'm not sure how this will affect postings but I will be curled in a ball weeping for at least two days in shock. I'm also finishing up the H&I episode. Finally, I thought I'd drop this beautiful example of why I don't really like blonds and why I don't really like pageants except for the Miss Nude USA pageant.

Friday, August 24, 2007

Friday's Cover: Fell In Love With A Person

The White Stripes are made up siblings? No. Lovers? No. Divorcees? Yup. And oddly enough the ending of the marriage led to their successful relationship as the punk/rock/country/blues powerhouse that is the White Stripes. With Jack on guitar and Meg on drums (buxom chicks on drums are hot by the way) they seemed an unlikely big-time rock group but somehow it worked for them. The song, “Fell in Love with a boy” is all distortion and a loud and basic backbeat. I mean that in a “this-song-rocks-your-ass” kind of way. Unbeknownst to the irreconcilably differentiated couple, Steve McDonald, of Redd Kross fame, added a much missed bass line to their White Blood Cells record (A hint that they took and since have had bass in each following record.) and re-released it song by song n his website as Redd Blood Cells. It is this version, dear readers, which I bestow unto you. The song itself is about some dude getting with a chick who is taken. Some believe it’s about lesbianism, the “Bobby” in the song being short for Robyn and not Robert. I say who cares as long as Joss Stone is involved with the lesbian possibility.


Joss Stone covered it an embarrassing 1 year after it’s success and while it may have been a deplorable way to sell some records, she did make an alright cover. Joss Stone, the lover of bare feet and interracial dating, really has quite an impressive voice for; I think she was 16 at the time. She mellows it out and does her own thing to it some hate it (me) and some love it (my wife, she wanted me to do this one). Thankfully she is now of age and all the dirty remarks made previously are not quite as uncomfortable. She ruined the girl on girl fantasy by singing “Fell in love with a boy” and I hate her for that. Enjoy.


Michel Gondry Owns your ass!!

Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Mixtape Monday (But it's Tuesday): DJ Drez

So, I don’t know a whole lot about this cat besides I really like the mixes he does. Dj Drez has been DJing in the LA underground circuit for several years. I don’t have a whole lot of info on him but he DJ’s for the A-Team (and Project Blowed) and worked with the Black Eyed Peas before they took on tig bittied meth addicts.

He has a plethora of Mix Cd’s out including hip-hop, rare grooves, reggae and dub. Recently he’s been doing more studio work. All of it is well done and worth checking out. I’m hitting you off with Cool World Chapter 2. Mostly hip-hop with some diverse instrumentals mixed in. Very mellow, which is pretty much the norm for my man Drez, and good to play on one of the remaining lazy summer afternoons. No track listing for this one, sorry guys. If anyone has one please let us know.


Sorry 'bout that

So, no Monday Mixtape. Sorry. I'll try to get it out tonight but since my hot sexy wife is home I may need to get busy (read: thwarted) all night. However, I did want to show you guys and gals stage 1 of my tat. It's about 2 inches high and 6 or 7 inches long on my upper (undefined) arm. The dude who's doing it likes it so much we're filling it out at a tat convention. I think it's dope. But then again I think my son is dope, so his name in graffiti on my arm is quite possibly the dopest thing ever. What can I say, I'm a bit biased on this one.

Friday, August 17, 2007

Friday's Cover: Wannabe

Responding to a trade ad asking "R U 18-23 with the ability to sing/dance? R U streetwise, ambitious, outgoing and dedicated?" five young ladies felt they were, could and emulated the given criteria. Victoria Adams, Melanie Brown, Melanie Chisholm, Geri Halliwell and Michelle Stephenson formed a group named “Touch.” Michelle sucked ass and was replaced by Emma Bunton. They then switched their management, their group name and the glory that was to become the Spice Girls, with the cerebral and esoteric mind of Simon Fuller, began to gel and develop their trademark sound. I was going to try and do a serious write up on the Spice Girls but then I sobered up and didn’t seem like such a great idea.

Anyway, I think Ginger is the only one I’d still bone. I guess Baby is cute too but I’m not really a blond guy. Sporty became Girthy spice as did Eddie Murphy’s baby's mama who, quite honestly, now looks like a transsexual hooker as well. Posh, who I liked when her boobs were the same size as mine for some weird reason that I don’t care to look into, was a favorite of mine until she turned into an animatronic reject from Madame Tussaud’s House of Whores. Thankfully they have announced a greatest hits record with a few new tracks and an upcoming tour. I have to go change.

So they did that song “Wannabe” which was released in 1996 and was linked to kids in Japan having seizures and made many a reluctant penis to become erect. It was awful.

Oddly enough that was the same year that heralded the creation of Zebrahead. Now, I was never a Rock-Rap hybrid fan. I think it was maybe done well and put on wax 2 times and was done poorly a googolplex times. Dudes that rhyme in those bands always seem to hold the mic like that scrawny dude from Linkin Park and phallate the mic and spit screamy shite during the break. Zebrahead did this too. Problem was, they were a pretty tight band without M.C. Suck-a-doo-dah. I’ve seen them live a couple times and always had a great time. This is rare with a lot of this kind of gobbledygook, as they normally take themselves far too seriously. Anyway, they covered “Wannabe” and as per norm, the rap sucks hairy, pusstuous testicles but I’ve always enjoyed the rest of the cover. It picks up the tempo and sounds kind of bad ass. But I’ll let you decide.


Sunday, August 12, 2007

Mixtape Monday: DJ Neil Armstrong

My man DJ Neil Armstrong is a mixtape mastermind. I’m hitting you off with the first of his AOK (All Out King) mix series, Warmfuzzy. If you don’t know about Neil Armstrong then imagine that dude that has every record ever printed and then imagine him mixing them. However, not in the, “yo check out this a capella over this instrumental” kind of way but in a “oh this one line rock track relates to this R&B joint correlates perfectly with this hip-hop joint that sampled this funk track that was used in the movie this little snippet is from.” The dude is meticulous in his choices and spends an exorbitant amount of time making things work together. Warmfuzzy was released on Valentines Day and is set up to make panties drop as well as make you laugh. The AOK mix cds continue with Extraordinary which is rock with artist like The Zombies, Interpol, and The Cure. The third is “Filthy” which gives you your hip-hop fix from cats like Trends of Culture, Wu, and the Roots crew. And the fourth, and so far final, is Oscillate Wildly which is a tribute to synths and potentiometers (Read:Debbie Deb, New Order, and Kraftwerk). I also recommend his Sweeet series. There are few DJ’s that take as much time with their craft as this dude and I can’t really big him up enough. Definitely check it.
  1. Al Green - I'm So Glad Your Mine
  2. Beres Hammon & The Originals - You Know My Name
  3. Earth, Wind & Fire - That's The Way Of The World
  4. Zapp & Roger, Common & Erykah Badu - Computer Love
  5. Wayne Wonder & Buju Banton - Bonafide Love
  6. Stevie Wonder - Hey Love
  7. Jackson 5 - My Cherie Amour
  8. Hall & Oates - Method Of Modern Love
  9. Tears For Fears - Head Over Heels
  10. The Cure - Close To Me
  11. Spandau Ballet - True
  12. Queen - Play The Game
  13. Paul McCartney - Maybe I'm Amazed
  14. Police - Every Little Thing She Does Is Magic
  15. The Style Council - You're The Best Thing
  16. Michael Jackson - Got To Be There
  17. Toto, Slum Village & Noelle - Selfish-Georgie Porgie
  18. New Edition - Mr. Telephone Man
  19. Sybil - Don't Make Me Over
  20. The Cranberries - Linger
  21. Teena Marie - I'm Wishing On A Star
  22. Jackson 5 - If I Don't Love You This Way
  23. De La Soul - Eye Know
  24. Stevie Wonder - Do I Do
  25. Prince - I Wanna Be Your Lover
  26. Evelyn Champagne King - I'm In Love
  27. Sheila E. - Love Bizarre
  28. Dan Hartman - I Can Dream About You
  29. Hall & Oates - Kiss On My List
  30. The Police - Every Breath You Take
  31. Ben E. King - Stand By Me
  32. Bob Marley - Is This Love
  33. Stevie Wonder - Send One Your Love
  34. Sade - Lover's Rock
  35. Coldplay - The Scientist
  36. Kip Dynamite - Always & Forever
  37. Lenny Williams - Cause I Love You

Friday, August 10, 2007

Friday's Cover: Ms Jackson

Once upon a time Eryka Badu used her voodoo on Andre and they got sweaty, copulated, and didn’t use protection. The result was their son ,Seven. It also fueled the fire for the fifth track and second single from OutKast’s Stankonia (I knew she was good for something. )There are theories that the Ms. Jackson of “Ms. Jackson” refers to the Maiden name of Eryka’s mother. Others think it’s just a name. Regardless, the song is about the difficulties of broken relationships and broken homes and baby mamas and baby mama’s mamas. The OutKast version goes back to the days when Andre spent more time rhyming then conceptualizing the merits of furry pants and heat combs. I could go into a whole OutKast thing but I don’t really think that you are that ignorant. I believe in you and I think you’re a good person.The Vines are an Australian rock group probably most famous for the song "Get Free." This is sad because the group had a pretty amazing debut with a multitude of influences and all of it executed fairly well. It sounded more like a bunch of songs than a record but all the songs were pretty dam good. Outtathaway!! was their third single and had the Ms. Jackson as a B-Side. Thankfully they removed all of the verse lyrics and just left the hook and the bridge. We’re left with a far more somber and acoustic version of a great song. Granted it’s not better but it is pretty good. Also it’s kind of hard to call it a cover because they stripped 90% of the lyrics but what are you going to do? I like covers that appreciate the original material and make it different. I feel the Vines did it well. You decide.And one more thing, anyone considering covering any rap song... don't! Rap covers are bad. Ask Snoop. He destroyed one of the most classic classics ever. Ask Tricky, Everlast, and Mos Def. Children’s Story was Ricky D's opus and not for some British chick to verbally poop on or Whitey to crap on or Mos to think he’s clever and ruin. Huh, I just realized both were Rick’s songs but the point still remains. Rap is not a genre that covers well and I hope it never happens again in the history of mankind.

Wednesday, August 8, 2007

Treebeats A To Z Posting Compilation Of Really Dope Things. The Letter G

The original rube bwoy come wikked with the “G” installment. Them na wan test we. Also, I am going to normalize all the tracks from now on. I just was tired of this mix not getting posted and didn’t have the patience to do so. So I understand there may be some level issues. I’ll fix that. Enjoy

01 - Gangstarr - Lovesick (Upbeat Mix)
So, granted it’s not Primo beat but we can do Premier for “P” This remix was done by John Waddell who also did a few Monie Love and Latifah remixes. Oddly this sounds kind of like where Premier got the idea for Christina Aguilera and I knd of thought that was the case until I realized he didn’t do it. But I’m dum. Now you don’t have to share my ignorance. As far as the track, it’s an interesting reinterpretation of the original. Kind of like Streets meets 1988.
02 - The Gap Band - You Dropped A Bomb On Me
Thank you Charlie Wilson for giving the inspiration to Aaron Hall to completely bite your style. Thank you proving Cowboy hats essentially look goofy on everyone. Thank you for cleverly naming your records The Gap Band II, The Gap Band III, The Gap Band IV (etc through VIII). Some may think "Outstanding" would be a better idea to post. I get it. But I think that “You Dropped A Bomb On ME” was the quintessence of their cheesy-pop-funk hybrid that somehow worked for them.
03 - Genius – Labels
You may want to call him GZA, but on this album the “Genius” preceded the “GZA” and I was one of the six people that bought his first record so he’ll always be Genius to me. That being said. What a fucking song. RZA was in his rape-every-stax-song-possible stage and found a perfectly simple guitar riff to make you go “Oh shit” throughout most of this track causing many a repeat. It starts out with “Tommy ain’t my muthuhfukin boy” and keeps you enthralled for the duration. I’ve always had a special place in my heart for the Genius since he was the first WU soldier I ever heard, but this song shows why he is so dope.
04 - Ghostface Killah – Underwater
With Doom on the beat this song bangs. Ghost, ODB and Genius, in that order, are my favorite solo Wu artists. Ghosty gets top billing because that guy does just about anything and it still sounds good. He shines on most cameos and isn't afraid to take chances and this track is a perfect example of his seemingly freeform flow, “I opened the door, No I knocked first” for some reason doesn’t sound corny or like he doesn’t know what he’s saying. He goes on to tell some story about mermaids and Islam but who knows.
05 - Girl Talk - Friday Night
Talk about mash up. This dude samples 213 songs which include some songs that include several samples already. This song alone has 22 songs mixed and chopped up into it. The dude has far too much time on his hands but it works out well for us. If you are severely ADD or appreciate the time it takes to make some mash up shit like this then check it out.
06 - Gnarls Barkley - Smiley Faces
Alright, you may call Cee-Lo a sell out, but Gnarls Barkley was just a better produced third solo album from him. He was always the star of Goodie Mob and always kind of scared me. Probably because he said, “Those Crackers think they slick” and I am a cracker and think I’m pretty slick so I’ve always kept one eye over my shoulder fearing Cee-Lo will break my connection to the Illuminati wide open.
07 - Goodie Mob - Cell Therapy
Soul Food was a close second as to what to post here. Goodie Mob came out of Atlanta while I was living there and while everything else that came out of Atlanta sounding much more Miami. Organized Noize were in their swing at this point and there work with Outkast and TLC was making them household names. Cell therapy had that tweaked out piano and that fucking scraper that made you paranoid as well. Of course Cee-Lo shines as does Khujo. I always thought T-Mo was the Pras of Goodie Mob but I’m thinking about making a “Third Wheel” post of all the groups that had that dude that was probably blood related or rich because lyrically he sucked copious ass.
08 - Gorillaz - Dirty Harry
Featuring my man Bootie Brown who was in the Pharcyde when they didn’t suck and stayed with them as they proceeded to suck and suck and suck some more. But this is about Gorillaz. You know what? I just looked them up and this album went 5 times platinum in the UK and double in USA (who knew?!) so you probably know all about them.
09 - The Go! Team – Ladyflash
Once again, Brighton shines and brings us Go! Team. A dual drummered sextet with a flair for samples, rock, and hip hop. Ladyflash enjoys a sample of Sweet Tee’s (first?) record appearance from Davy Dee’s seminal hit “The DMX Will Rock” accompanied by some English chick. It’s just a good song that is loud and good to listen to.
10 - Grand Daddy I.U. - Something New
Down with Kane and Biz IU was the hard ass muthahfukkah that made a somewhat solid debut and a sadly flaccid follow up. However, “Something New” I feel, holds up very well to the test of time (that’s 17 years btw) I am old and wrinkled. Good shit if you’ve never heard it
11 - Grandmaster Melle Mel & The Furious 5 - White Lines (Don't Don't Do It)
Instead of go into a long discussion of Flash and his importance, let’s just take that as a given. So, with that being said, I read somewhere that any song with Melle Mel without scratching is apparently devoid of Flash which is why I properly labeled this track. I mean it’s Melle Mel y’all. The Godfather of conscious rap. It’s about cocaine which apparently “is a hell of a drug.”
12 - Grand Puba - I Like It
I always thought this was a much more solid and cohesive album than Reel To Reel (most of which was written while he was working on One For All. Thank you “Check the Technique”!). The vibes sample on that track makes me piss my pants every time. Also once again someone else did a better job reviewing this so go check my man Eric at When They Reminisce here.
13 - Grandaddy - Now It's On
WARNING! Direct rip from wikipedia “Musically, the band features guitars (both in the indie rock style and in a fashion calling Jeff Lynne to mind), keyboards reminiscent of Philip Glass's minimalist style and vocals in the key of Neil Young. The band's musical style (somewhat classifiable as indietronic) often combines experimental electronic sounds with elements of folk and rock. Lyrics generally focus on isolation in a high-tech world grafted onto rural America. Common themes in the band's music are wildlife, obsolete technology, robots, incompetency and heartbreak” Indietronic!?! Cooool. Anyway, it’s a good track.
14 - Gravediggaz - Constant Elevation
I’d like to think I’m smart enough to make a good review of this record but I know Max over at Hip-Hop isn’t dead will make anything I do look inane and puerile so check out his review of the entire album here.
15 - Gregory Isaacs - Night Nurse (Kruder & Dorfmeister Session)
This is one of those rare examples when the remix is better than the original. I always liked Mr Isaacs because he was one of the dudes I could actually understand when I was getting into reggae. Kruder & Dorfmeister are the best thing Germany has given us since farfegnugen and Eva Braun (she’s hot). This is a dubbed out reinterpretation of Night Nurse that makes it sexier and dub-ier and just better.
16 - Groove B. Chill - Hip Hop Music
Another group that made that inexcusable mistake of combining humor with hip-hop. After their brilliant cameos in such hits like House Party and um House Party 2. In 2001 Daryl Michell made the ultimate funny and became a paraplegic. What do you call a paraplegic in a pool? Bob. What do you call a paraplegic with a rap career? Chill. Is that not funny anymore? Shh it’s ok; some of my best friends are missing all four limbs.
17 - Groove Theory - Hey U
I think Amel Larrieux’s voice is great and I always liked this track. Oddly enough Bryce Wilson always considered this the worst song on the record. It’s kind of Trip Hoppy if you take “Trip Hoppy” to mean really fucking good. If not it’s just really fucking good.
18 - Guy - Groove Me
I already admitted how much I loved Teddy Riley and previously in this post toted the brilliance of Charlie Wilson’s bastard child (well that actually doesn’t make sense if all he has is in fact a father but you feel me right? Right? Is anyone still reading?) I heard this song and entered the New Jack Swing fold.

01 - Gangstarr - Lovesick (Upbeat Mix)
02 - The Gap Band - You Dropped A Bomb On Me
03 - Genius - Labels
04 - Ghostface Killah - Underwater
05 - Girl Talk - Friday Night
06 - Gnarls Barkley - Smiley Faces
07 - Goodie Mob - Cell Therapy
08 - Gorillaz - Dirty Harry
09 - The Go! Team - Ladyflash
10 - Grand Daddy I.U. - Something New
11 - Grandmaster Melle Mel & The Furious 5 - White Lines (Don't Don't Do It)
12 - Grand Puba - I Like It
13 - Grandaddy - Now It's On
14 - Gravediggaz - Constant Elevation
15 - Gregory Isaacs - Night Nurse (Kruder & Dorfmeister Session)
16 - Groove B. Chill - Hip Hop Music
17 - Groove Theory - Hey U
18 - Guy - Groove Me

Intro to Ghost in the Shell. Go see it if you haven't and be amazed and confused.
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