Monday, August 27, 2007

Mixtape Monday: Cold Krush Cuts

Coming from the double cd release of Coldcut and DJ Krush, this is the second side and by far my favorite. It’s a Ninja Tune mix and I’m sure that may scare a few people. Please, don’t fuck up the rest of your future and any chance of getting laid by not listening to this mix. Its 68 minutes and 39 minutes of aural ecstasy. A lot of cat’s think that hip-hop is limited to a having an M.C. or else it ain’t real. This is not only limiting it's why were stuck actually giving a fuck about Curtis Jackson. Not that I like him but he's part of my reality, whether I like it or not ("not" for therecord). There are actually, 4 elements to Hip-Hop and DAT’s are not one of them. A posse of your boys protecting your poor stage presence on stage is not one of them. fronting, sadly, is not one of them. And what I find absolutely unacceptable, dress-length, white t-shirts are not one of them. The original four, if anyone cares, is M.C.’s, B-boys/girls (but really who cares about b-girls or female M.C.’s) Graffiti, and DJ’s. This is an example of the latter. The production on this was ridiculous. The mixing was pretty on point and flawless. We’re blessed with my favorite version of “Autumn Leaves”, gum shoe samples, esoteric stories about insects and some brilliant fucking music. Everything goes together well and seamlessly. For all the heads, there is a Wu Tang sample if that gives it the necessary cred to give it a listen. I bought this on a whim in 97 or 98 as I was getting more into production and was really lucky I did. It’s not a rap mix. Don’t misunderstand. It is however one of the greatest blends of downtempo, Drum & Bass, Instrumental-abstract-jazzy-Hip-Hop and any other Genre that Ninja Tune helped to create and develop. Do yourself a favor and check it. If you don’t, you will hurt yourself in a mysterious horse riding accident.
01. Funki Porcini - Groover
02. KT & Hex - Global Chaos (Archi Version)
03. 2 Player Vs. The Herbaliser - Sometimes (Feat. Shin)
04. DJ Vadim & Mark B - The Breaks
05. The Herbaliser - The Real Killer Pt. 2 (Rooftop Prowler)
06. Luke Vibert - Get Your Head Down
07. London Funk Allstars - Goodbye Cruel World
08. Coldcut - Naked Leaves
09. DJ Food - Spiral
10. Hex - Harmonic
11. Cabbage Boy - Mod You
12. DJ Toolz - Ready Brek
13. Amon Tobin - Creatures
14. Peezee - Nightrous
15. Up, Bustle & Out - An Unmarked Grave (In Memory Of Butch Cassidy & The Sundance Kid)
16. Up, Bustle & Out - The Revolutionary Woman Of The Windmill (OestroGwen Mix)
17. The Herbaliser - Mr. Chombee Has The Flaw
18. DJ Food - The Breaks Of Wrath
19. Drome - Alice Effekt
20. Gideon - Glass
21. DJ Food - Sun Vibes
22. E.V.A. - Oddly Godly
23. Funki Porcini - Going Down

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