Tuesday, August 7, 2007

Where you been? (A.K.A. Mixtape Monday but it's Tuesday)

So it’s the end of the summer and I want to spend as much time as possible not in front of a monitor. Not a day goes by when I don’t reminisce about the days of yore when flocks and flocks of you would stop by (read:3). So to make up for it, I’m hitting you off with the “g” installment of all things dope in a day or two and my “Mixtape Monday” thing that I wanted to do tonight. So, yeah that. Mixtapes every Monday(-ish) of shit from whatever. Could be rap, reggae, drum & bass, crate digging, shit, even rock. Whatever. But not done by me and probably less talk from me. Who knows? And I know you're saying “But it’s Tuesday...” Shut it! I know what day it is. That's just rude at that point.

So, first Mixtape “But it’s Tuesday” Monday installment comes from my man the Kiiiiiiiiid Capri. Now some of you can roll your eyes and bitch and moan but Kid Capri Tapes were like gold and they were not distributed freely on cool blogs like this one. I went to boarding school in Western Massachusetts in the Berkshires (where everyone packs a gat and be slangin) and there were a few kids from New York that went there and they would not let you copy their Kid Capri tapes, period. We would dub and share all the other music we got, but them and their fucking Kid Capri tapes. Jesus!That may be the reason I liked him so much, the forbidden fruit and all. However; I was lucid enough to realize that “The Tape” was awful and that “Billy” song made me want to fight goats anytime I heard it. Anyway, he did spin a lot of good records and gave me my first taste of digging too. When he would bounce Sam & Dave’s “Soul Man,” lights went on and bells chimed and colors seemed brighter. Which is a nice segue into this one... “52 Beats”
I’m a big fan of crate digging. I was really into producing Hip-hop for a while and was of that whole record era and used to practice making out with Olivia Newton John on the cover of the Grease soundtrack. Which, of course, has no relevance with my feelings for Mr. Capri? Not that he can’t choose that lifestyle if he wants to. And though it may seem antiquated now an I know we’ve all heard several volumes of the Ultimate Breaks series whether you know it or not, that doesn’t mean that it wasn’t the dopest fucking thing on the planet for a while. You dam kids with you magic “softwares” and high falootin “interwebs” don’t realize how precious this tape was for a young kid writing rhymes to his headphones and using tape and a razor to fix it after it popped. It’s a lot of fun to listen to.

G is coming up.


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