Saturday, July 14, 2007

I'm Over Here Now.

Dayum. I’ve been gone for a week and the only comments I got were a dude selling t-shirts (you have now been deleted) and a, literally, 52 page diatribe about some shit. Mostly how black people are bad. Gay people are bad, and that there was symbolism in the movie ‘Logan’s Run” My favorite quote from this gorgeous piece of prose was, “Blacks be looking up at white trash too::::They'd be wise to improve their lives by upgrading from hip hop to raggae .” Honestly, if you don’t find the joyous ironic humor in that, you take yourself too seriously and that douche bag too seriously. So I am going to up a couple of mixes since you all have been so patient and anxiously (read that as ambivalent and absent) anticipating my return. There are 3 different styles, reggae (DJ Bosi), 80’s (DJ Yoda), and a sample lesson mix from brother ?uestion and you should like them. These are all mixes that I have listened to a lot and like a great deal. DJ Bosi I don’t really know a lot about but he’s from Budapest and this is some dancehall and reggae well selected and mixed. The DJ Yoda mix has everything from A-Ha to Kurtis Blow to Betty Boo to Europe so it’s eclectic and very cleverly put together. Anyway. Enjoy. Florida was cool. Lot’s of beach and pool time and my boy has an ill Farmers tan. Hope everyone is good and not listening to that Sean Kingston “Beautiful Girls” track. If you are listening to that song I hate you and I hope you fall down.






Anonymous said...

Dj Yoda is awesome. I suggest if you can track down any mixes from him check it out. His Jews Paid mixes are dope!

Max said...

And I thought that I was the only guy getting 52-page diatribes in my comments section. Before I start to cry on the inside, though, I'll mention that I wrote some new reviews, so feel free to peruse and enjoy. Oh, and of course I read the Lovage post; I even commented on it, I think. But you're probably the only person who will ever comment about how I mentioned 'Slacker' in a hip-hop review.

travis said...

I feel left out, everyone else is getting 52 page diatribes except me...I'm a saaaad Panda (South Park Episode I watched last night)

What It Is said...

I wish I had saved it for you. It was truly moving (insert clever bowel pun that I don't have right now).

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