Sunday, July 1, 2007


I fucking hate people that talk on their cell phone with the speaker on. I hate it even more when they hold it to their ear and do it. I hate the word "celebutant" I hate people that are richer and dummer than me. And I hate t-shirts that go past your ass. It's a dress at that point playah.
If you fall into none of these categories, I hope you do not swallow a shard of glass and then have to shit it out. Too much?

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Mike Dikk said...

I am so lazy that sometimes I wish I could talk with the Speaker On on my cell without being obnoxious because I don't feel like holding the thing up to my ear, plus it gets that sweat film on your phone if you talk for more than five minutes. I usually just end up hanging up on the person instead of using speaker. True story.

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