Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Treebeats A To Z Posting Compilation Of Really Dope Things

So all these other bastards with there 1000+ daily readership have daily or weekly themes and as a Kindergarten teacher, I realize that people need consistency. So I am going to kill 2 birds with 1 stone while maintaining a finite start and end point. Bear witness to the one and only “Treebeats A To Z Posting Compilation Of Really Dope Things.” While I like to think I am a creative guy, the cleverest concept I could come up with is alphabetic. So we start with a group, individual, or other noun starting with A and then make our way through the alphabet. It will be filled with omissions and you will probably have much better ideas of what should be posted. That’s fine. Go to Blogger . com and click on the arrow that says “Create Your Blog Now.”

The Avalanches, “Since I Left You” record is made up of 1 disc, 6 DJ’s, 18 tracks, 60 minutes, and somewhere around 900 to 3,500 samples, or so they say. “They” being the proverbial “they” not a specific they “they.”) If you’ve never heard The Avalanches then you don’t live in Australia. Also, you are missing out on a really great record. They hail from Melbourne Australia, the birthplace of Hip-Hop and Midnight Oil. They started out as a garage punk outfit and then one day… (it always starts with “One day a guy had an Akai S900” )they got a sampler and went from punk to funk (thank you Fatboy Slim and further, thank you Housemartins because one day I did indeed grin myself nearly to death, so I know how it feels.) So the Avalanches started putting together glorious, sample-heavy compositions that borrowed from everything from Boney M to Madonna to The Main Attraction. It is not the typical “DJ” record you may think of with some scrub showing off what he learned how to do in his bedroom while other people had sex and went outside, but rather a humorous celebration of everything that is music (up to 2001) and an expansion and reinterpretation of it. “Since I Left You” is both the title track and the most radio friendly track there is also “Frontier Psychiatrist” which is hilarious and pretty fuking banging at the same time. "Electricity" is also one of my favorites for some other snobby reason I can’t articulate right now but trust me, I’m really intelligent and my music taste is impeccable and I never ever where the same outfit twice. They’re just a really tight set, and while I never saw them live there is, and has been for six years now, talk of a new album. One band mate is quoted as saying, “We have over 40 tracks to select from blah-blah-blah.” In other news, P-Diddy was quoted as saying, “I feel safe in white because deep down inside, I'm an angel.” Word up to you Sean combs and thanks for keeping it real!!! While the whole Puffy thing is irrelevant, The Avalanches Record is really dope so listen to it or end up like Diddy (1. I think I used all of Puff Daddy’s (now I have) monikers. 2. It really is a great record.)

01. Since I Left You
02. Stay Another Season
03. Radio
04. Two Hearts In 3/4 Time
05. Avalanche Rock
06. Flight Tonight
07. Close To You
08. Diners Only
09. ADifferent Feeling
10. Electricity
11. Tonight May Have To Last Me All My Life
12. Pablo's Cruise
13. Frontier Psychiatrist
14. Etoh
15. Summer Crane
16. Little Journey
17. Live At Dominoes
18. Extra Kings

Video for Frontier Psychiatrist. This is a really cool concept.


Max said...

I laughed my ass off at the "some scrub showing off what he learned how to do in his bedroom while other people had sex and went outside" comment. I agree with the love for The Avalanches, and I always thought "Frontier Psychologist" wouldn't have been out of place on Prince Paul's "Psychoanalysis" album, which is funny since he remixed "Since I Left You" as a CD single-only track.

That was a little longer than my normal comments, but good post as always. I put some new stuff up over at my blog; you should check it out when you get a chance.

ariel said...

Damn what a great idea!
Just puted the album for a listen and its really good.
Expecting the B post haha!

What It Is said...

max: I don't think I've heard the Prince Paul release, my single only has the votel remix.

Ariel: You're a big liar!! You said no electronica ever and then you posted it. Next thing you'll tell me is Santa isn't a woman.
ps what's a "puted?"

ariel said...

OMFG! did i just wrote "puted"?

Ok im gonna fail in english...

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