Friday, June 8, 2007

I know this record is corny...

Cue irrelavent picture to titillate and force further reading...

Before I get to the post I just wanted to hit you up with a little 555-1212. There are a lot of blogs out there. A lot of them post a lot of the same stuff. I guess this is inevitable with a finite amount of records in recorded history and a seemingly infinite amount of blogs. Because of this, I have decided to only post 50 cent or related material. Nah, I’m buggin.
Because of this, it’s hard to know what sites to go to without feeling a little deja vous.
Because of this, it’s hard to know what sites to go to without feeling a little deja vous.(get it?)
Trav, at Wake Your Daughter Up has posted a few times about blogs he’s digging recently (big up rude bwoy yute). But I’m not going to do that since I steal everything else from him (conceptually and monetarily) but there are a few blogs you can go to that have posted stuff that not everyone else, or in some cases anyone else, is posting. So why not start with my man Trav.

Recently he re-upped his WYDU classics Vol 1-12 of last year. That’s 12 times 20, which if you do the math equals around 3 billion songs. It’s essentially just a bunch of records he likes and there is no real logic to it (that my simple self can decipher) but his taste is impeccable and if you listened to hip-hop in the late 80‘s or early 90’s will be sublimely satiated. There is also a “Trav invented the Remix” post that has a whole bunch of remixes on it. Granted there are no buxom broads in the post (Trav, ya slippin) but there is a lot of dope shit there too.
Second up, Mr. Mass has bee posting the DJ Eleven mixes (WYDU also mentions these mixes) the great thing about Masscorporation is the dude adds a slew of chronologically relevant pics along with it. It’s really fun to look through and listen to. The track listings are bananas and if you came up during those times, it is an amazing trip to reminisce through. Oooo segue. Eric on When they reminisce has been slowly posting Eric's "Top 100 Tuesdays." It's his top 100 hip-hop records of all timeand he’s up to 62 so that’s like a google plex more songs he’s dumpin on you. I am the master of the segue. Mike Dikk and the essential Expert Whiteboy Analysis vitamins and minerals are slowly releasing there EWA 100 MASTER LIST (their top 100 songs) at If you add it all up that’s at least 14 songs for you guys. Plus, these are all blogs that I go to often and they are run by a solid group of cats that are either funny or knowledgeable or both.
Now, on with the post...First off, before I get started, I realize this isn’t Illmatic. I realize Pete Rock didn’t produce it. I also realize that he’s not a royal prince. That said, “Free” by Prince Markie Dee was a fun enough record. It came out in 92 from Columbia Records in the dawn of a harder “realer” style and Rap & Bullshit was phasing out. The reason I’m posting it is two fold. First, Eric at When they Reminisce, has a guilty pleasure’s section in his blog where he posted the “Mack Daddy” record which I haven't heard that was when he was with Motown. Second, Biff over at Biff’s Hp-Hop Section posted a Billy Lawrence record. Now I'm not sure, and you can correct me if I'm wrong, butI don’t think it’s the same chick because of age discrepancies but Prince Markie Dee’s Soul Convention had a singer named Billy Lawrence as well and the post was born. And there was much rejoicing. The "Trippin Out" song was probably my favorite (I would never repeat that in public) and there are a few others of that style that are equivalent. However, you can’t go though the whole record in one listen or you brain will leak out of the holes that were once your ears but had apparently ripped themselves off of your skull sometime during the fourth song. But it’s fun anyway. I really don't know why I like the Fat Boys anyway because besides "Stick 'em" and "All You Can Eat" I can't immediatly think of any other songs I liked by them. Whatever. Aiight, I gotta go back to work.

01 So Very Happy
02 Trippin Out
03 Typical Reasons (Swing My Way)
04 Trilogy Of Love
05 Free
06 Addict 4 Your Luv
07 Back To Brooklyn
08 Foreplay
09 I Don't Wanna Lose Your Love
10 Ghetto Bound
11 Something Special
12 I'm Gonna Be Alright
13 The Aftermath

Video for Trippin' Out with a young Billy Lawrence.


Dart Adams said...

Yes, you are correct sir! It is the very same Billy Lawrence. I have the video for "Trippin' Out" on tape and you can very clearly see a young Billy singing the hook. After the Soul Convention split up, Mark Morales' partner Corey Rooner became and record exec/manager and helped hook Billy Lawrence up with a solo deal. She later recorded her two solo LP's and sang the hook on that godawful Rampage joint.

Damn, she was fine! One.

What It Is said...

That's why you my Ace!!! Good lookin out.

alley al said...

dart imma kill you!!
rampage is godawful but that billy lawrence joint was the only song i realy liked from dude. granted, i like it cuz of her. and the stolen beat/hook.
you are nnot my aceboonkoon anymore!!

and i never made the connection cuz i don't have the pince markie dee solos.. i remember hearing/liking A (1) song but i can't place it.. and it ain't this video.

there was only room for 1 fat rapper in my life at that time, andit was the (other) caramel complected bumdiddlydiddly (other) dee.

Eric said...

Damn, I used to love Billy Lawrence's cut "Come On" w/ MC Lyte..fuck that bitch is smokin!...I think I'll up that Billy Lawrence album Sunday

Dart Adams said...

Two old solo videos from fine ass Billy Lawrence...baddest old school R&B next to Veronica, Mona Lisa and Lissette Melendez. Peep these:

Happiness (1994)

Come On (1997)


travis said...

Give me back my five dollars!

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