Friday, October 19, 2007

Perdition, Paradise, Peanut Butter Wolf Proudly Presented In The Pentaconta Post

Chris Manak has been DJing and producing as Peanut Butter Wolf for nearly 20 years now. He is probably most known for, or has the most influence with his Stones Throw record label.
He started out in a crew with his homeboy Charizma who, sadly, passed in 1993 before the group had a major release besides a single which came out the same year as his death. Chris was obviously jaded and fell into a warranted seclusion for a while. Thankfully, after a couple of Bomb Records releases (including a spot on the first Return of the DJ) he got back to Hip-Hop and channeled that dopeocity into working on starting up, Stones Throw (home to Quasimoto, Madvillian, other internerd blogging favs and joyfully, a number of obscure funk and jazz reissues.) Nowadays he’s doing more DJing than production and this leads us to these 2 little gems.

First is the 666 mix, released on June 6th 2006 (get it?) which is chock full of the typical Death Metal and, Industrial and Punk we have all grown so accustomed to from DJ’s like Ron G and Scribble. Filled to the brim with the likes of Revolting Cocks, Black Sabbath, Ministry, Led Zeppelin and many more, it’s a ("nice" wouldn’t be the best word here) "interesting" break from the norm.

Secondly, is the 777 mix. Released on July 7th 2007 (aha!) this was part of a grander 7 day tour in which each gig had completely different play lists about god in all of her Multiple-Armed, Mohammed-Appointing, Mary-Bonining, Level 6 Magician Spell Casting glory. The CD version sports the likes of the Street Christians, Brand Nubian, and Pharoah Sanders. It's a lot of random yet fitting holy shit that he makes work. So there it is. Do you pick the fiery pits of satanic rock or the glorious speakers of the Lords words bitches?


666 Mix
777 Mix
There are a couple of weird issues with the audio of the mix but it sounds like he just fucked up a few times.but it's still, very easy to listen to

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