Thursday, September 20, 2007

Putting my naked nuts on a table and giving you a bat with rusty nails...

Fuck! This has been the hardest fortnight I’ve ever had in my professional career. I won’t bother you with details but just know I have valid reasons for absence. So, I figured I’d up a remix I did a while ago. If you saw Pump Up The Volume, and were young enough to think he was cool with his pirate radio antics you probably remember his theme song was “Everybody Knows” by Leonard Cohen. This was the one reason I bought the soundtrack to the film and since I didn’t know who did the song then, I figured Concrete Blonde sounded about right. It was wrong, and their version sucked infected anal warts. The original by Leonard Cohen though, kind of kicked ass. Jump 5 years and I started rhyming less and producing more. Jump another 2 years and I started really fucking around with breaks. Jmp another 2 years and I became reasonably proficient with chopping drums up and I figured I’d add a bigger beat to the song. If you’re looking for a new break you’ve never heard then you will be disappointed. If you are looking for a pretty fat beat and some drum chopping and vocal tweaking then this is the remix for you. If people like it I’ll up more. Let me know what you think.

Also, I wanted to post this Pitchfork Media mix. Although Pitchfork may have even more pretentious writers than most of the blogs we frequent, they did produce this. "This" refers to a series of mixes by selected Selectors. The first mix was from DJ Optimo so I’ll post that too if they remove it ad people are interested. This one is by my man Diplo. Hollertronix. (That was stupid. Sorry) The track listing is in the mp3 "comments" section of it's ID tag. I'm sneaky like that.



alley al said...

so your mix was 9 years after the movie came out? so you did it in like 99-00?
i like it. it's pretty chill. i like the original, too.

and i'm snatching up that diplo mix, too.


What It Is said...

Yeah. I think the song is timeless and sometimes it takes me ten years to get off my ass.

Max said...

The original is a great song, but I like the beat you put together. It's early and my brain isn't working properly yet, so I'll say that, when it started, it reminded me of some Rza-esque digital orchestration, circa 1998, before the drums kicked in; this is supposed to be a complement, since I'm a huge Wu fan. Overall, I liked it; got any more you're hiding from us?

AaronM said...

That remix was dope. Nice work there.
Love L. Cohen.
Think you could do a whole album of this?

What It Is said...

Gracis senor Cohen. MOre to come.

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