Tuesday, November 13, 2007

A plee to my fellow bloggers...

I realize all of you have fantastic taste in music and care a great deal about it. Why else would you have a music blog!? However, my tastes are not always yours. I don't need to have your music playing while I'm at your blog. I'm there. I get it. I'm interested. Yet even more frustrating is the placement of them. The bottom of the page? halfway down on the right or perhaps a quarter of the way down on the left hand side. If you need to have one (you don't) and if you use one (please don't) then at least make it the first thing that I see on the screen so I can press "mute" or "pause" or "stop" immediately. Then I can make the choice and your ultra rare remix of Spice 1 doesn't create the aural chaos that is inevitable when played in tandem with my Kenny G.
And Happy Veterans Day


alley al said...

you ain't the first one to bitch about that.
i forget who, but some blog had it hooked up at the top, but it didn't auto-play. you had a choice.

Dart Adams said...

I apologize for that but sometimes that's the only thing to remind or convince some of my readers that regardless of what I write about, it's still a HIP HOP BLOG and it's written from the mindset of a hip hop head. Sometimes I take the music down for a week or so, but if I have some new joints. I throw 'em backup.

Due to the layout of my blog the ONLY place I can put my music player of choice is at the bottom.

Once again, I apologize.

Dart Adams
Lone contributor of Poisonous Paragraphs


What It Is said...

@ Dart:
You get a pass for a number of reasons. Firstly you're from Beantown. Second, if everyone else wrote as much and well as you did it would be forgivable. Third, your page take a fortnite to load anyway. Fourth, You have big feet.

Animal Mother said...


Dart's page makes me check to see if someone put me back on DIAL-UP! Good lord!

WVKayaker said...

Thank god someone has spoken about this! I hate them too...

soulbrotha said...

Thank you Whatitis!!!!

One of the most awful things is when you have your volume turned up and you click onto a site, but the player doesn't come on right away. You casually surf the site, oblivious to anything....and then BOOM! Then you're scrambling to find it, but you can't! Sheesh!

Thank God for the Firefox extension Adblock, which allows me to right click it and remove it forever!

What It Is said...

@SB that shit scares the shit outta me every time.

soulbrotha said...

WII, do yourself a favor and get Adblock. It is a godsend!

Anonymous said...

im changing the location of the music player asap.
i considered removing it...but this is the first complaint i've heard.

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