Thursday, November 22, 2007

Happy Thanksgiving...

What up people? I finished the mix and I'm posting it along with this. I got eveything you guys reccomended except for the Jungle Brothers' "I'll House you" Sorry Mook. I really tried. I'm posting it early so y'all can check it out. Voting hasn't started yet and I'll updateyou guys when voting is up. I did the whole thing with Acid so there's some time stretch effect on a lot of it but I tried to minimize it so it isn't too distracting. If y'all are feeling it I'll do more. I'll probably do more anyway. It's been a few years since I really concentrated on some music creation and it felt good. So that's about it. I'll get back to the alphabet and try to get some mixes (not by me) and some cover stuff done too. Holidays are crazy though. Enjoy the mix bitches!!

01 - Wendy Carlos - Title Music From A Clockwork Orange
02 - The Beatles - Why And Because (Treeked)
03 - Little Brother - Slow It Down
04 - The Roots - Proceed Pt V (Beatminerz Mix)
05 - DJ Krush & Esthero - Final Home
06 - Blu & Exile - Dancing In The Rain
07 - Camp Lo - Swing (Feat. Ish Aka Butterfly)
08 - DJ Shadow - The Number Song (Cut Chemist Remix)
09 - Notorious Big - Party And Bullshit
10 - Soul Coughing - Super Bon Bon - (Propellerheads Remix)
11 - Free Speech - Everything Is Different Now
12 - Leonard Cohen - Everybody Knows (Treemix)
13 - Nas, Krs-One & Rakim - Better Than I've Ever Been (DJ Premier Remix)
14 - The Jaz - The Originators
15 - Doves - Firesuite
16 - Lovage - To Catch A Thief
17 - PSY/OPSogist - Enjoy It While It Lasts
18 - Smashing Pumpkins - Eye
19 - Tom Cat - Muddy Waters (David Holmes Mix)
20 - Rehab - Step Away
21 - Portishead - Humming

Let me know what you think.


Max said...

You put your own remix of that Lenoard Cohen song on your mix? Good call; I like your version a lot.

New updates coming...or, who the fuck am I kidding? They're coming, but I don't know when. I'll keep you posted.


AaronM said...

Looks dope, I'm downloading now.

PSY/OPSogist said...

Thanks for the props on my mix but I think yours will be the one to beat. As much as I hate Billy Corgan the way you mixed my song with his was great.


BRANDONIAN 'the talking head said...

This is dope, Psychedelic.
Swing by my blog for updates dude. Peace

Swann said...

dope mix man. You kept the integrity of all the songs and the blends were on point. The Cohen mix was stellar. My mix ended up being a giant turd...dunno if you've heard it yet. I deserve nutsack bombs for that one.


What It Is said...

Yo, thanks man. That time stretch effect really bugs me but what are you going to do? Did you post yours? I've been checkin for it. What was that generous pimp video too? It got removed about 2 hours after you posted it. Hit me up with a link if not because Mike and them probably won't post the final round until summer of '09.

Swann said...

I hear you about that final round. Been checkin for it for a minute now. Real life is always getting in the way of blogging. I don't know what video you're talkin about though...I think they're all working right now. Anyways heres the mix.

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